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  1. Frantic

    what is this song? help

    Np, glad I was able to find it for you.
  2. Frantic

    what is this song? help

    Could it be Shannon - Dancin' The lyrics are a very close match. If this is not it, perhaps a remix or another artist "borrowed" the lyrics in another version of this song.
  3. Frantic

    Freestyle Mix for ya!

    Smooth mix Dj Vinny. Appreciate the link.
  4. Frantic

    Freestyle radios on TuneIn

    If you listen to Spotify you can click on the link below or search for "Freestyle Jamz created by Frantic". I put together a massive playlist of about 318 songs (25 hours long). I was amazed to see that Spotify had so much freestyle music in its library. Anyhow, check it out and let me know...