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    12" Compilation Freestyle Box Sets

    I am requesting anyone to post their recommendations. My recommendations are: Micmac Records, Inc: 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 1 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 2 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 3 12 Inches of Micmac Vol. 4 Cutting Records, Inc: Freestyle’s Best Extended Versions Vol. 1 & 2 Freestyle’s Best...
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    I seriously need that vinyl as well.
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    Note: I’m not sure exactly where this topic belongs. Does anyone know about the website Freestyle.FM? You can listen to Freestyle Music 24/7, and I must say it's the best Freestyle Music Station I've found on the net. Also, you can listen to 90.7 FM WTCC, my local radio station at 12 AM - 3 AM...
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    Mystie - Have I Lost You? / Chains Of Passion / Deception

    I'm desperately in need of this Vinyl, however, I want to own it digitally, does anyone know where can I find this record? My e-mail is