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    After years of searching this forum is my last hope

    Have you tried Google? Lots of stuff comes up when I type him in.
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    Freestyle In A Big Way At Freestyle Universe!

    How do we tune in to the show? Is it online? On the radio?
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    New Top 10?

    Is the top 10 no longer going on?
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    Rare freestyle records on ebay now!!

    I remember buying some stuff from you. I imagine tts tough now with vinyl on the decline.
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    More Zoe

    Thanks for the post! Good stuff! For interactions, I prefer a forum rather than twitter or fb. Facebook in general can be well, not user-friendly.
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    New Music Neededd ............

    Our local radio doesn't play Freestyle. :(
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    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
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    2010 + 2011 Freestyle

    Hey guys. What are the new tracks and where can I purchase them?
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    Buffy: Give Me a Reason: Underplayed?

    I thought I would hear what others thought. I think Buffy's, "Give Me a Reason", is one of the most underplayed songs. Thoughts?
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    T.G.I.Freestyle Vol. 5

    Downloading now and will let you know what I think!
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    Where is Everyone???????????

    Hey everyone. Its good to see this place is still around. I'm surprised Freestyle hasn't made more of a come back, being that things have gone more digital. As a DJ, one of the hardest things was finding a quality Freestyle record that didn't have pops or bad scratches. With Vinyl pretty...
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    i'M TIRED OF THIS!!!!

    Freestyle is NOT dead over here in Allentown, PA...I mean it is sometimes heard in the clubs and you can't go to a skating rink without hearing one song...our local radio throws on some jams sometimes too. :)
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    ZYX Vinyl?

    Does ZYX have any vinyl besides the Stevie B and Johnny O megamixes?
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    find a song

    Yea please support freestyle by BUYING it...
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    50 Cents "Wanksta"

    50 cent...everywhere I go this head is on the radio...LoL on the local radio I heard him dissin Ja Rule and Ashanti...saying Ashanti got sideburns, Eddie Munster Personally, I think 50 cent is wack...just another rapper...thats all...nothing really original in his stuff....I...
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    A Single Tear(copywritten2003)

    You deserve it!!! That is indeed sad but @ the same time great u sing as well?