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    New Top 10?

    Is the top 10 no longer going on?
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    2010 + 2011 Freestyle

    Hey guys. What are the new tracks and where can I purchase them?
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    Buffy: Give Me a Reason: Underplayed?

    I thought I would hear what others thought. I think Buffy's, "Give Me a Reason", is one of the most underplayed songs. Thoughts?
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    ZYX Vinyl?

    Does ZYX have any vinyl besides the Stevie B and Johnny O megamixes?
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    Tracks I'm Looking For...

    Below are a few tracks I'm looking for. VINYL ONLY!!! Please be realistic as I am being realistic. I understand these may be rare pieces, but be real, I'm not about to pay more than $15 per record. I'm a DJ, not a collector. I'm looking for these tracks to keep freestyle alive, by spinning these...
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    Zoe Vinyl???

    Is there a such thing a Zoe on vinyl?
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    Shouts to Route 100 Skating Rink

    OHH YEA!!! You know I had represent the rink that holds true to freestyle. Friday and Saturday nights we keep freestyle alive @ the Route 100 skating rink, spinning the old school + nu skool of freestyle!