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  1. PKO

    Club Icon is Back

    The one on 60st had class and elegance. So many good stories and memories at The Copa. Lets here some!!!!!!
  2. PKO

    Club Icon is Back

    ‎1st it was 10 East 60th Street (The original) 2nd it was 617 West 57th Street 3rd it was West 34th and Eleventh Avenue GUESS WHO'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE COPACABANA!!!! STAY TUNED!!! MUSIC WILL BE LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS.....WITH FLAVOR!!!!!
  3. PKO

    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    I Burn Running- The Original Version Name of The Game No More No More Come Into My Arms Give Me Tonight Funky Soul Makossa The Texican Don't Be Afraid Clave Rocks Perfect Then Came You Listen To My Cries Reach Out (Everlasting Lover) Dum Dum Cry Mircales Explode January February Latin Love...
  4. PKO

    Mohegan Sun Arena, April 14

    Can someone give me feedback on Trilogys preformance and which songs did they sing?
  5. PKO

    Fever Freestyle 2006 Thanksgiving!!!

    James you will always be down with the show cause you always do a great job with some awesome mixes!!!! Keep up the good work my brother!!!
  6. PKO

    Fever Freestyle 2006 Thanksgiving!!!

    Come on freestyle party people who would you like to see preform at The Thanksgiving show!!!! What about Jadie, Alisha, or Rianna Page to name a few!!!
  7. PKO

    FreeStyle Trivia Question

    Here's one name the original C-Bank plus her 1st song?
  8. PKO

    freestyle fading away again?

    I'm sure Eddie Rivera from RPBC & IDRC must be turning in his grave. He always had a post Puerto Rican Parade after party. Its just a damn shame that these so call promoters didn't put a party together for after the parade. Sal can't do eveything. Come on promoters step to the plate. Especially...
  9. PKO

    Marc Anthony

    He did a song called "Time" which is good and backround vocals on Thalia's remake of "The Mexican" also. Be on the look out for a surprise from him soon!!!
  10. PKO

    Fever Freestyle Memorial Day Bash 2006!

    The Copa should be awesome!!!
  11. PKO

    Can't Post

    i can't post either
  12. PKO

    Charlie Rock "She's my baby love"

    Yeah the rap group was Fantasy Three with Charlie Rock, Silver Fox and Larry D. The song was "Its Your Rock. The legendary Larry Levan did production on that record and also the President of PKO O.C Rodriguez who also was in a rap group called The Fearless Four. A little music history lesson...
  13. PKO

    Inductees for "Freestyle Music Hall Of Honor"

  14. PKO

    Obscure Freestyle Tunes

    James i was just with Mike Arce a couple of weeks ago. He was doing some comedy showcase in The Bronx. See you on the 23rd!!!!
  15. PKO

    Obscure Freestyle Tunes

    Don't You Leave me- Nico In My heart- Issac
  16. PKO


    Yeah Trilogy started on Jackie Jack Records, then on Prism. They were part of the PKO family. Their might be a original members reunion in the works for the future. Keep your fingers crossed freestylers. Go to the Copa and see Joey and The original lead singer C&R preform. See you there!!!!
  17. PKO

    "Lies" by Suzy Swan

    Suzy Swan oh great song. I got to see her preform at " La Mirage". Wonder what she's doing now?
  18. PKO

    ~54~Loleatta Halloway, Linda Clifford, First Choice, France Joli~54~

    Sam Records, T K Disco, Emergency, Streewise, Sleeping Bag when i think of more i'll let you know!!!
  19. PKO

    What hard-to-find classics do YOU want to hear unearthed on KTU on Sunday nights?

    Nico- Don't You Leave Me Diva- I Wanna Breaknite With You Tina B- Miracles Explode Trilogy- I Got To Be Free Master's At Work- All Right All Right Peter Fontaine- The Way She Looks at Me Set it off- by this girl group i can't remember ( help me out freestyle fans) It was banging back...
  20. PKO

    ~*@*~My Copa Shout Outs~*@*~