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  1. Nasty1

    Hey hey hey!!!

    Hello to all my old friends!! What's up? Haven't been on here for almost 2 years. What's going on? Man has this site changed!!!
  2. Nasty1

    Where is everyone!!!!!!

    It is 11:34 am and according to the online now list, I'm the only one here!!!! Where is everbody :confused
  3. Nasty1

    My little one first academic achievement

    I know......I know it's only Pre-K but I'm still so PROUD 1st pic: My little angel/devil Miranda right before her graduation 2nd pic: Miranda and her Diploma *sniff sniff she is growing up so fast!!! 3rd pic is Daddy and his little princess
  4. Nasty1

    Wassssssssssuuuuuuupppppp Cf!!!!!

    LONG TIME NO SPEAK!!! I'm back..............and glad to be back...I had a BUSY sched. the last year so I havent been doing much but work, school and most important being DAD! I came by to say hi and I miss the board. Hopefully I'll have some more freetime to post like I used to. So once again...
  5. Nasty1

    Good Morning!!!

    GOOOOOOD MORNINGGGGGGG my fellow CFers!!!!!! IT'S FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.....TGIF Who's doing what this weekend????
  6. Nasty1

    Goooodddd Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD MORNINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I hope everybody has a great today!!! :sunshine :switch :sunshine
  7. Nasty1

    Nasty1 @ work

    I'm the one on the right!!!!
  8. Nasty1


    Freestyle Flashback is ON!!!!!!!!