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  1. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Xbox 360 wanted

    I can't find no xbox 360, i've been looking all over This morning i was on line at bestbuy and with the people, once the doors open everyone ran upstairs only to find out that they are sold out. anyway can someone anyone who knows a store, or if your from another state i'm willing to pay for...
  2. QuEeNsGuRL24

    china club tonight ?

    Is anyone going to the freestyle flashback III @ the China Club tonight? I will be there hope to see some of you there. :hithere
  3. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Car Question

    Hey everyone, I’ve been on the low lately busy with work and home, hope everyone is doing good. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a place that installs car alarm's and does window tinting at an affordable price in either Brooklyn or Queens, I have a Honda Civic. Thanx
  4. QuEeNsGuRL24

    copa Freestyle Fever 2005

    sorry i'm a lil late with the pix 1st- the hosts speedy and jewels from ktu 2nd Philip anthony and dancer 3rd Phillip anthony singing to his mom
  5. QuEeNsGuRL24

    peeps that are going to the copa

    what are u planning on wearing?? I am still deciding :confused
  6. QuEeNsGuRL24

    would like to say

    Hi :wave to everyone, i've been on and off the past few months, I recently started a new job, moved into a new apartment, and things are just going really good for me right now. hope everyone is doing well and hope to see most of u @ the copa next weekend!!!
  7. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Nextel ringtones

    I just switched to nextel and i have a i730 phone, now i keep hearing in order for u too get ringtones u have to have a usb cable to download them off your comp which i have no idea how to do, is there any way of getting mp3 ringtones without the usb cable any sites? Thanx
  8. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Mario Vasquez (American Idol)

    well most of you all know Mario left American Idol due to "personal reasons" well i just heard on the Wendy Williams show on 107.5 that the "personal reasons" were that Puff Daddy aka P diddy signed him to bad boy and that they will be making an announcment real soon. Well like i've said b4 i...
  9. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Mi nena

    Here is my baby girl, she is 5 1/2
  10. QuEeNsGuRL24


    It is freeezzzzzzzzing out today it is 13 degrees!! atleast we are not getting too much snow... hope everyone has a good week!!
  11. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Does anyone know ??????

    Any websites that has mp3 reggaeton, hiphop realtones, not polyphonic. Thanks
  12. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Christmas present ideas

    ok i am finished with my daughter, but i am going to finsh up this weekend i need some ideas on what to get my mother, she is real picky and my daughter's teacher.. anyone care to share what they have bought..thanks!!
  13. QuEeNsGuRL24

    My Princess on Thanksgiving

    This is my daughter Alyssa on thanksgiving 2004 she is 5 yrs old :D
  14. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Copa Freestyle Fever Concert 11/24

    Ok here are the pictures enjoy!!! Speedy from KTU
  15. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Peeps that are going to the copa

    Ok i'm really not sure who is going but lets make a meeting place, cause everyone thats been to a freestyle show knows it gets reaaaal packed. So come on peeps let meet up, theres alot of cool peeps i've met on this site and i would like to meet someone of the "new" members.. post up :sflower
  16. QuEeNsGuRL24

    I know it's not freestyle but....

    Who is feelin the song Tempted to touch by Rupee ..that is my jam right now ::sings:: you know i want you soo much, and i'm soo tempted to touch lol
  17. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Freestyle Concert October 10

    Ok It was called the "Mega Freestyle/Dance Concert" but as you all read it wasn't, but there were some artist that did perform... here are the pics of the ones that DID perform!! Joey Kidd
  18. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Tonight's Mega Freestyle/Dance concert

    First let me start off by saying the concert was totally unorganized and SUCKED. First I waited almost 2 hours to get in the place when the doors were sopose to open at 9:00. The show started around 12:30 Joey Kidd came out, then instead of continuing with the rest off the acts the DJ played...
  19. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Anyone interested in buying a doggy?

    I have to sell my 8 month old puppy due to financial reasons, she is a rat terrier. She is an excellent dog. She is socialized, crate trained, and is good with children. She is very energetic. I am asking $400 neg. she comes with her own crate, toys, leash and collar, bowl and food. She is only...
  20. QuEeNsGuRL24

    Just wanna say

    WHAT'S UP EVERYONE!!! Hope everyone is having a good week so far... and also i hope to see alot of you at the Freestyle mega concert coming up @ spirt night club on Oct. 10. I am looking forward to meeting some of the new members, and hanging with the old members lol (::whispers:: Kyrstal i hope...