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    Question about last night's Taj concert.....

    If anyone that went to last night's concert can answer this, i would appreciate it.... Last night I was working, so I was only able to see some of the concert while i was on break. Can anyone tell me what songs Tony Moran sang? And judging by the pictures he sang with TKA and GL. What songs...
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    Just for Fun...

    Just for fun, pick your favorite song (two at the most) by the following artists. Sometimes our favorite song isn;t always a song that is performed by them at a show SAFIRE GEORGE LAMOND CYNTHIA JUDY TORRES COVER GIRLS FASCINATION CORO
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    Shakira "The border"

    HOLY SHIT!!! has anyone heard this new Shakira song that was leaked?? If that is not freestyle for 2009, I don't know what is. I was floored. It features Wyclef Jean and Timaland. I'm not kidding, this song is sick. You can hear it on You tube. What do guys think?
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    "New" Freestyle cds on Amazon- Question..

    Hi everyone... Yesterday, I went on to see if Bangin Beats 4 came out yet. So I typed in "Freestyle" and then I clicked on the relevance drop down and picked date of release, so that the newer cd's come up first. This way I can see what else is new. Well, about 6 pages of new...
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    Freestyle for all @ The this the final line up???

    What's up everyone..... I just copied the below list off of the Taj's website. Does anyone know if this the final list? Is there anyone performing that is not advertised on here? On a personal note, what the f**k is Robb Base and Angelo Venuto doin on here? Seriously though, if anyone knows...
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    Does anyone have the scoop on Tonasia (Games of Love, Wondering)? I've always liked his songs. Havn't heard anything from him since his contribution to the charlie Rock collection in the mid 90's. Does any one know if he's still in the buisiness? What's he like? and most importantly, why he...
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    Whatever happened to NYASIA's album??

    Was just listening to Nyasia's old cd and remembered hearing a few years ago that she was working on a new cd...doing updates on her old hits and new songs including a collaboration with Safire. This was suppose to happen in 06, I think. Anyone know anything about this??? Is it still...
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    Freestyle Invasion Canceled!!!!!

    I'm about to throw up all over my desk....... I just spent 250 on two front row tickets to the Springfield Mass, Freestyle Invasion show. Bought the tix through a broker, was about to drive 7 hours to get there, took off work, just got the tix in Fed Ex over night, and the show has just been...
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    Anyone going to Freestyle Invasion -Springfield, MA show?????

    Anyone going to the Springfield, Mass show this Saturday? I'm driving up from Philly. Gonna take my sister who lives outside Boston. Long drive for me. But will be worth it!! So, who's going?????
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    Question about David / Nice and Wild.....

    I have a question about David (Torres) and his relationship with Nice and Wild. Hopefully someone can clear this up for me... The David I"ve always known had the hits "No Regrets", "Im not Gonna Cry", "Your Love", etc and the solo album in the early 90's. So my question is, why when he does a...
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    Freestyle DVDs

    Does anyone know if there are any plans on releasing a dvd with a live show or videos on it? I would think that with all of these big shows happening, like MSG, that someone would think it's a good idea to put something together. I mean, the footage exists, I'm sure. With the exception of the...
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    Wendy from Artistik Records

    So this past Saturday I was in New York to visit a friend (who's a member of this site),and along with a female old school freestyle singer (who you all know) - we all went to the Puerto Rican Day Festival in the Bronx... Turns out, Wendy (that used to be on Artistik Records "I Know" "I Want...
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    Wendy from Artistik Records

    sorry wrong section
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    Laura Enea

    Does anyone know the scoop on Laura Enea? She's the girl that had hits with "Our Love" and "This is The Last Time". Over the years i never heard of her performing anymore. And I havn't heard her name mentioned. After her second album she dissappeared.
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    New Nocera Single

    Has anyone heard the new song by Nocera? It's Peter Presta Featuring Nocera. It's called "Viva L'amour". I just got the single from It's not a freestyle song per se but the electro mix comes very close. It's hot! She sounds great.
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    New Member

    Hello Everyone...... Been on these boards for a while. Just yesterday I finally became a member. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I feel like I know you all already from the posts :) Kenny, I've never met you, although I've seen you at shows. I think this forum is excellent and very...