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    TKA - Crash

    I was unable to get the video with the code on the first post, but found this.
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    Join us daily...

    Good to see this is still working :) Very cool online radio
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    [Quiz] Which led zeppelin song are you?

    Same here. Maybe all the results are the same LOL (specially at 'web archive'... where the page with all possible results doesn't even open...... maybe it just has, in cache, one result...)
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    Nunca - Latin Nation

    Very cool. BTW, it seems they recorded that song again, last year... :) Here's the video again, while the first post is not edited. :)
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    When You Were Mine By India

    I found a small video withe her singing that, here:
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    Shana - I Want You 1989

    Reposting link so the video appears, while the original post is not fixed... and so we can remember this cool song.. :)
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    Selling remaining extras from Canada

    I have her contact in Facebook. She still lives in Canada, married, has 2 sons, but it seems she's out of the scene since her marriage. She still uses "fredamusic" in her social networks, like twitter and instagram, though... >> Maybe I could try to talk to her...
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    Now online my interview with Betty Dee...Part 1

    Very great interview, that I stll hadn't read and commented.. so here I am. Thanks for it!!! :) A few videos of the girls here:
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    Tribe - Just you and I club mix

    maybe here?
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    In The Heat

    oh, well, at least the second one I know... :)
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    Do we want an Event Calendar here? Will we use it?

    Ah, well, maybe anyone that is subscribed to several groups of even FB pages ends up receiveng ads of events, and they could post the inf in our calendar, so we'd have all events centralized in a same place... but maybe we'd need some people to "moderate" this calendar to avoid spams and/or fake...
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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    Another reason can be the "90's fever" that has started this year. If a few years ago it was the 80's nostalgia, the current generation is bringing the 90's... and freestyle comes with it.
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    Alisha at 1 More Shot 12/16/05

    Any way to make those pictures appear in this new version of the forums?
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    Hello and Welcome Back Everyone!

    I guess this whole message makes sense today, again hehehhehehe
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    Upcoming Events - Please read before posting...

    BTW is there a new working version of that calendar?
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    Upcoming Events - Please read before posting...

    Maybe this post should be on the top...
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    In The Heat

    invalid link... now i'm curious... hehehe
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    Another Club Song Please ID

    "File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server " :(