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    Obama our Next President

    Barack Obama won in a landslide victory over John Mccain to become out 44th president and Americas first Black President!
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    last Saturday night on CBS at 9 was the debut of Elite XC Saturday Night Fights. This is to be Mixed matual Arts on network TV. The Big main event was Kimbo Slice. Are you guys big fans of MMA? This is looked as what is killing boxing and Pro Wrestling.
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    Hannah Montana shows off some

    Dateline; Los Angeles: The wealthy and most popular 15 year old Miley Cyrus is in a little controversey. She is showing regret for doing a tastfully simi topless shoot for Vanity fair magazine. It has her holding a sheet in front of her chest area show a art shoot display for the magazine...
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    The Pope is here in DC

    Here in The Nations Capital we for three days is getting the company of the Pope in his US tour. I was a little late getting home sine where he was (The National Shrine) which is a block from where I live and all the streets were blocked. Lots of walking traffic. I did hear some of his mass from...
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    Red Sox try to curse The Yankess

    You all now have heard the story of the construction worker who is a RedSox fan while pouring for the new dugout of the Yankees new stadium. He dumped a David Ortiz jersey down the cement. He wants that to be the curse of the Yankees. Now The Yanks spent $50,000 to dig it up. Is this real...
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    Here is my movie review. Do not see 21. It's a movie based on a true story of 4 MIT students who mastered the art of card counting to win lots of money playing 21 Blackjack in Vegas. The story is great, but the movie makes it too much of a love story and hardcore action thriller. 21 stars...
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    Vouge Cover; LeBron James and Gisele Bunchien

    Lots of controversey from mainly black sports colomunist trashing the latest Vouge Mag cover with LeBron James and Gisele Bunchien. ESPN writer Jemile Hill(who is black)writes; "wearing gold in this picture and his basketball pose make him look like a gorilla and show himself like many think of...
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    NCAA Tournament Time

    It's that time again, for office pools and little work getting done on Thurs and Fri. It's Mens College Basketball Tournament/Final Four Time!! Three DC area schools representing; Georgetown American George mason but I picked UCLA in my pool to win it all.
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    NY Gov Spitzer Call Girl Controversey

    Since many of you are New yorkers, what are your thoughts of your Governor getting caught chilling with a few call girls at a hotel? I have to say his wife yesterday looked like she was showing real self control not to punching him in the mouth.
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    Brett Farve retires

    Dateline; GreenBay WS: ESPN Reporter Chris Mortensen reported that Brett Farve has retired after a successful 17 year carrer. Farve drafted out of Southern Miss by The Atlanta Falcons in 1991 first round. Farve has 1 Super Bowl ring, 3 NFL MVP's AND THE ALL TIME Most TD record.
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    The Oscars

    This year in the 80th Academy Awards show, No Country For Old Men was a big winner. They won the big Motion Picture of The year; Daniel Day Lewis won best male Actor for ; There Will Be Blood. What you thought of last nights show? I thought many of the actresses last night wore too much...
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    The Baseball Steriods and HGH Scandal

    Now with with the mitchell report out about Roger Clemens and more other players linked to Steriods and HGH. This is looking real bad. In addition; Clemens wife is alleged to using HGH to stay fit for a SI Swimsuit pictorial. Your thoughts about the MLB HGH/Steriods mess and the number of...
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    J-Lo's twins

    Dateline, Long Island, NY: Congrats to J-Lo and Mark Anthony. They are now the proud parents of a boy and girl. J-Lo and the twins are in great health in a Long Island Hospital.
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    Castro resigns

    Dateline;Havana Cuba. After a 50 year reign as Cuba's dictator, Fidel Castro has step down as the nations leader. His brother will take ove. Lots of joy within the Cuban communities here in America. The is a hope for some change in the Island Nation. Wioth the...
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    Britney drama

    Sine we have been gone, we have not had a chance to discuss the whole Britney Spears downfall. I admit, I loved to take disses at her, but now, she needs to be committed to save her from her kids and herself. If she don't get it together, it will not end well for the one dominant pop princess.
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    Rain Go away. DC along with most of Mid Atlantic Region gets soaked

    For two days many of us in The Metro DC area had to ride canoes to work. from Saturday to today, we have had a total of 22 inches of rain here. On Monday parts of The metrorail had to be closed because of the lines being flooded, most of the US Government building are closed because of bad water...
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    Ladies; would you ever date a guy who is a metrosexual? Do you find guys who spends lots of time at the spa, getting pedicures?
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    World Cup

    Anybody checking it out? I hope The US Do good, but Brazil and Germany and Italy are the biog teams to watch! GOOOAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!:)
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    NFL Playoffs

    These has been very great but unpredictable games NFC Seattle vs carolina The Deadskins just have no offense! Giants, don't bother. AFC Denver vs Pittsburgh The Colts just haver bad luck! Down goes The patriots!!!!!!!!!!! My Picks Pittsburgh vs carolina in the Super Bowl carolina 28...
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    Former Ohio St. Running Back; Maurice Clarett arrested for robbery

    Dateline; Colombus, OH: Former Ohio St. Running Back; Maurice Clarett was arrested after a warrant was out for his arrest. Last week, there was witnesses that saw Clarett rob a couple outside a Columbus night club. He is released on $50,000 bond. Clarett has pleaded not guilty. Clarett sued the...