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  1. La Mas Grande

    A trip down memory lane!

    I had a blast on this forum and met some of my favorite people on here as well. Hope all is is well with everyone and that God has blessed you all. :)
  2. La Mas Grande


    Just popping in to say hello. :)
  3. La Mas Grande


    Didn't think this was going to happen. How is everyone?
  4. La Mas Grande

    Emotional Today

    On an emotional high with too many tears to wipe aside My impatient heart cries as I put on a big, bright smile The irrelevance of me is too painful to conceive yet day after day the truth is on display. My creativity seems to have gone hence this poem gone wrong The qualities that I've love...
  5. La Mas Grande


    No more thoughts of you, don't want to close my eyes and see your face, preferring to have dreamless nights that have you haunt them. Don't want to cry anymore, my eyes are too sore, I want to smile again, but something continues to restrain me. I want to forget you but you continue to creep...
  6. La Mas Grande

    PURE TREND *Where are you now*

    I meant to post this up a while back but just have had so much going on. I recieve a copy of this song and I have to say that I loved it. I was playing in the car and a couple of kids 15-17 yrs old heard it and they loved it. A few asked if they could have it as ring tones. I think it wonderful...
  7. La Mas Grande

    Diet Question?

    A ham and cheese hero with lots and lots of lettuce/tomatoes with a low fat mayo considered a low fat meal? Remember it has lots of veggies and im gonna eat it with a bottle of water. :)
  8. La Mas Grande

    Medium Fan!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you catch the premier last night. It was awesome and it looks like another great season.......... :)
  9. La Mas Grande

    My Lil Man is going to Harvard...........

    I always knew he was a genius but I got proof today. He got a 100% on his first test. It was a test on his colors and he got them all right. Woo Hoo............... :yeey :yeey :yeey
  10. La Mas Grande

    So the easy part is over....

    My baby (who told me yesterday morning that he is no longer a baby but a little boy) started school for the first time. Not one tear shed by him, a few from me. Its so hard watching him grow, for some reason harder than it was for my other babies. I saw so much promise in his eyes this morning...
  11. La Mas Grande

    Good Morning Club Freestyle

    Just wanna pop in and say a quick hello. Been pretty busy lately with school and the kids so I don't have much freetime. I havent forgotten about ya and I hope all is okay. :)
  12. La Mas Grande

    Cliques on CF.............

    For only $19.95 you too can have your very own clique. Complete with members, colors and secret hand shakes. Call 1-800-I need a clique.....Operators are standing by :lol
  13. La Mas Grande

    Florida pic's

    These are the pics of when I went to Florida with my daughter Amy. Once again thank you Nessa... These are our mini-me's Amy and Mary before the concert.
  14. La Mas Grande

    New Buisness

    Has anyone here ever consider starting they own buisness? Did you ever go thru with and if you did how did you go about it? If you didn't what stop you?
  15. La Mas Grande

    My Heart Alone by Sam Savon

    I'm jamming to this right now. I love this song and this mans voice. :)
  16. La Mas Grande

    A moment ago

    A moment ago, so it seems you held me in your arms and told me your dreams. Of a future so bright, with many stars in sight, you spoke of true love, of finding that perfect one. You held me tight, told me that you didn’t want to let go, how loving me seems so right. You said to me, that finally...
  17. La Mas Grande

    Thank You Nessa!!!!!!!!!

    I wanna take a moment and give my gurl Ness a huge shout out, with mucho thank you's, love and besitos. You are a gracious hostess, Amy and I felt right at home. Thank you so much for opening your doors to me and my nena, I will never forget it. We had an awesome time...... *muah*
  18. La Mas Grande

    Will be gone for a week........

    My daughter and I are taking a week vacation to Florida. We leave tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait....... :yeey
  19. La Mas Grande

    *Bodies Intertwined*

    Bodies intertwined, sweating, grasping, touching kissing licking. Minutes that seems like hours, caresses that makes us shiver, crying out in ecstasy as I mount youfor the ride of a lifetime. Bodies intertwine, not knowing where one ends and the other begins, as we melt into each other becoming...
  20. La Mas Grande

    *Thank you Angelino*

    Finally got the cd in my hand. So sweet of you to autograph it, I believe it's my first autograph cd. Once again thank you . :D