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  1. jazzy4u

    Where are you now?

    HI Dianita im so happy for uu
  2. jazzy4u

    Welcome back!

    wow I had missed clubfreestlye I met alot of good ppl here
  3. jazzy4u

    Fever Freestyle Flashback @ Sin City Pixxxx!

    nice piks lokk at Manny
  4. jazzy4u

    Ktu's Beatstock @ Jones Beach 2008 Pixxxx!!!

    Wow it looks off the chain my friend went and she had a blasttt
  5. jazzy4u

    Festival in honor of the Children of the World!!

    That is great ill see if I can make it sounds nice
  6. jazzy4u

    Kenny Guido B-day & Msg After Party Pixxxx!!!

    nice piks love them happy birthday Kenny
  7. jazzy4u

    george lamond in queens tonight!! 4/18/08!

    The show was off the hook. i tried to put piks I have to resize them
  8. jazzy4u

    new piks

    Thanks guys
  9. jazzy4u


    Thanks 4 the eview mike. How r u long time
  10. jazzy4u

    Miami Freestyle Music Awards PIXXXXX & review.....................

    Awesome piks, what happened to the other freestyle artists. Well I had email Latif from LaEntertainment and he stated that mostlikely it will be on tv first that dvd but hopefully eventually it will.
  11. jazzy4u

    Happy Birthday LMG

    Happy belated bday
  12. jazzy4u

    NY Gov Spitzer Call Girl Controversey

    What is up with these politicians. Come on the truith comes .out sooner or later and a freking prostitute come on that is sick shit I'm sorry and then to top it all off 1000 dollars an hour what kind of tricks sje got up her sleeves. Then u r going to try to look all embarrased u should have...
  13. jazzy4u

    This Fri 3-14-08 @ Lemon Tree Clear Touch

    dammm i cant come out and play lol