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    Freestyle Frenzy With Tony Monaco Is Over!!!

    I still like freestyle, no doubt, but I just don't seek it out like I used to. I guess I went back to my European roots. :)
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    Freestyle Frenzy With Tony Monaco Is Over!!!

    I know I haven't been around here in ages, but I just wanted to say that I was shocked. I got a call from Jade last week or so and she told me that the Frenzy was dead! I was in awe; I know I am no longer a freestyler, but it doesn't mean I am not sad to see the music die in this city. I...
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    Man, those pics sure do her no justice. She is an absolutely gorgeous woman. I remember when I saw her @ my first and only Rush I was in awe. Plus she's talented, girl's got it all. ;)
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    First Base

    First Bass rocked! Saw them live back in my clubbing days as a kid. Was probably 16 or so. Wow, they are great. Love all their songs.
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    Happy B-day Sxy!!!

    Sorry I'm so late here, but happy bday angel!
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    Happy B-Day Eluder!!

    Hi folks! Just wanna say thanks, and apologize for the very late reply. Just been a rough couple of weeks since my birthday. Old computer went kaboom, so had to build a new one. Busy as hell at work... and uhm, the real reason I just haven't been around; my grandmother passed away the morning...
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    Zoe Clip

    Hot damn, this track sounds good... Looking forward to this CD!
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    Helllllloooooooo LE Canadian Famile

    I'm doing alright... got my degree in my hand now, just working and saving for a car... :) What's new with you?
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    Helllllloooooooo LE Canadian Famile

    Holy crap! Where have ya been sweetheart?! Missed ya, no doubt.
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    Zoe @ Ice Castle This Friday

    Zoè prob does the all ages cause of Armani, so I guess it makes sense. Still won't goto those though... :D Have a great time Zoè, you're amazing!
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    Summer Rush 2003

    Who cares, it's STILL @ the Docks. The worst venue they could have the rush. I will never go to a rush again until it is moved from that horrid place.
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    Planet Freestyle @ Thompson Park!

    Wicked! Something I miss... tired of the mixed CDs.
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    HOOLLLAAAA to my SEKSI Canadians!!

    Screw that, beaches here blow chunks! It's all about Europe baby. :D
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    ***Holly Jones Murder Suspect Arrested***

    Actually, from what I recall hearing on the news, the Holly Jones suspect is not connected to the other abductions. I could be wrong though...
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    HOOLLLAAAA to my SEKSI Canadians!!

    Hey folks! Hope all is going well for you... I'm just busy with work and women as of late. So when we having another local meet, huh?
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    ***Holly Jones Murder Suspect Arrested***

    Go take a Law course and you'll see how truly messed up the Canadian Law system is. What I learned a couple of years back really baffled me. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree w/the death penalty UNLESS there is w/o a doubt that the accused in indeed guilty. However, I am totally aware of how...
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    Freestyle Heaven vol 5

    Told ya guys Joelle's track was good from the start! Even when I heard it on the frenzy I started loving it. :p
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    Hey TRAN MAN it's your Birthday!

    Happy birthday lil buddy. Get that license fast so you can start picking up the hunnies. :flowery
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    Freestyle Heaven vol 5

    Well, the track I love right now, which most of you guys seem to hate is Joelle's Over You. The vocalist isn't the greatest, but I love the beat and the lyrics. Joee's track is the 2nd track I'm hooked on, but nowhere near as Joelle.
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    freestyleplanet happy birthday!!!

    Happy Belated buddy! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, had a pretty important day, Jade knows all about it... ;)