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  1. Psycho

    Old school cf event

    More Juicy photos to come. Keep logging in to see. ;)
  2. Psycho

    Psycho for Prezident

    Vote for me... and i'll bring CF back to what it was... events, friendz and of course... FreeStylz! "I love you Cynthia!"
  3. Psycho

    C h a n g e

    Change the eman of this Thread/Forum.
  4. Psycho

    Deep T' and what?

    Deep thoughts and poems... or... Deep T & P, However you think... it's still in me?? Whatsss?
  5. Psycho

    Then and now

    Post your pics of then and now. Scared? lol
  6. Psycho

    I suh-yes (espanglish accent)

    I suggest people stop viewing threads and become more active.
  7. Psycho


    Just say something like: "Really!?.. I gotta...
  8. Psycho

    Just Clownin'

    "Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says 'Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up.' Man bursts...
  9. Psycho

    Shout outsss to those online now(8:45pm)

    I know i haven't been around much, but i always keep CF and all of you in my thoughts. Hope you're all doin' good and there's little or no drama in you life. Peace! Psycho
  10. Psycho

    Operation Santa

    I know y'all can't see the presents, but they're in there. lol I didn't think of taking a pic of the toys until they were all wrapped up. Hopefully they'll get them b4 Christmas. On the right is my daugter holding the present for Levar and Sanaa Hardy of Brooklyn and on the left is my son...
  11. Psycho

    Talk about Deep Thoughts.

    Below is a Riddle posed to me by a friend, it's translated from Spanish. He is so confident that i won't get the answer, that he gave me 15 days to try and get it. So here i am in a desperate attempt to try and get it. I'm hoping someone out there has the answer or some sort of idea, cause i am...
  12. Psycho

    Laugh people!! lol

  13. Psycho

    What's up peeps!?

    Just wanted to say what's up to all and that i haven't forgotten about you all or CF. I've just been goin' through some shiat. lol But whatcha gonna do life's a bitch and than you die. lol Hope everyone is doing good, shoutouttsss to you all. Laterz!! ;)
  14. Psycho

    Why not change the g-spot chat to...

    a new day and time instead of Sunday. Like on Hump Day for ex. and earlier so members can access it from work or home. Maybe the attendance will improve. Just a suggestion, what do you guys think?
  15. Psycho

    Good weekend to all...

    ... those on right now: bensonhurst capo, bigMARC, Broken_Hearted, EL_BORICUA_72, evaz, Freestygal, JeromeG1234, JerseyGirlJenn, jetakamrdragon, JOEDOCPA, legit, SEDUCTIVE NENA, Talisa,Talisa, Unique_Freestyle, LaBettyBoop* and to those on ghost: ...
  16. Psycho

    Anyone goin' tomorrow... the Fiesta Del Barrio? I'll be doin' my rounds as usual. :nutz If i don't get a chance later on, i would just like to send a shoutoutzzz and congrats to all the Boriquas on the boards. Happy Puerto Rican Day, enjoy yourself and be proud. Boriqua hasta la muerte!!
  17. Psycho

    What's up for the weekend?

    Anyone got planz, ya can't still be recovering from LQ's. lol I got nothing planned but something always pops up. lol So tell me peeps, where's the party at?
  18. Psycho


    What's up with the "Confirm Message" thing?? That shiat's annoying.
  19. Psycho

    Psycho Never Dies. lol

    Watch outssss...
  20. Psycho

    I remember...

    how cool shiat use to be. I remember when we use to role 10 deep or better to joints, chill and have a good time. Naya with he Cosmic Poltitician, Sexy with her Long Island's, me with the rest of the bar and drinks. lmao That's like when i quess if first joined CF, there's been some changes...