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    Intonation and Joee's Latest

    All I have to say about Intonation and Joee's new track is WOW! It's called Better than You and this is just straight up 'classic' Joee freestyle. Loving this track already. Can't wait for this to be released, cause I'll be buying whatever CD it is on! Great work by this great team, and glad...
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    I'm Done!

    Well, today, I had my final classes @ Ryerson University. It felt extremely odd today... although I still have 1 exam and 1 test left, my classes are done. I can't believe 4 years of this routine is over, no more seeing familiar faces, or the halls, or the profs, or anything. I had a great...
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    What the hell is wrong with me?!

    Why is it that everytime I want to ask out a girl, even for the simplest thing (like for coffee) I freak out and freeze? I need help folks, and badly... I've missed out on so many opportunities on account of my fear. Like last night, I stuck around for a couple of hours after class waiting for...
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    Remeber Rachel Perry?

    Remember Rachel Perry? My bud sent me this link tonight... you remember the VJ on Much Music, Rachel Perry? Check this link out.
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    The Frenzy

    I hadn't caught the Frenzy in so long due to being extremely busy with school and work during the summer... but all I gotta say is wow! Some great new music out there! The track from the Freestyle All-Stars is really sweet, Maurizio's new track is also nice, and now Lil' Suzy's latest... great...
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Just wanted to send out greetings to the fellow Canucks out there! Happy Canada Day, hope ya guys have a blast!
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    Elissa's New Track?

    Was just listening to the LTA from Plastique on Z103, and at around 11:40pm, right before the DRC remix of Prima Donna's Lucky Star (sweet remix DRC!) this kick ass new Freestyle track as on. I'm 99.9% sure it's Elissa and my goodness, this song freakin' rocks! Haven't been so hyped up by a...
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    Collage/Marano - Jocelyn?

    Just wondering, did Adam Marano or Collage do a track called Jocelyn? I've heard a track which I believe is called that and it sure as heck sound like Adam. If so, where can this track be found? Thanks!
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    Me chillin' at Mersini.

    Well, I finally decided to post my pic. This is me relaxin' at Mersini Lounge last night for a friend's b-day. Boy did it get wild there, great time!
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    Joee's New Track.

    Not sure if you guys have heard Joee's new track called Does That Make You Happy, but it's wicked! It's not Freestyle, more Euro/Dance, but it's solid ;) (gino styles). Can't wait for this track to be on regular rotation on the radio, and even better, when it's out on CD... jumping on this track!
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    Hitting MTL for the weekend!

    Hi-yo folks! I'm finally done exams, so for a little R&R, me and 11 of my school friends are hitting Montreal for the weekend. Since it'll be my first time going there, what are some hot spots to hit? I think we're staying on Sherbourne St. or something like that. Also, how cold is MTL now...
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    Whigfield - Much More

    Woah, just heard this track on the live to air from Plastique, and it sounded nice. Has a freestyle essence to it, what do the rest of ya think? If ya haven't heard it, check out this site for the sample under the sounds section, it's the Canadian single Mix. I wanna get my hands on this...
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    Summer Rush 'review'

    Just doing a 'quick' review of the Rush. Overall it was a bust! The artists were great for the most part, but the venue was horrid! The Docks is the worst place for such a concert. So disorganized, and they had way too many people, according to the Z crew, they said 15000+ people. That's...
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    Happy B-Day Elissa!

    Just sending out a Happy Birthday to our fave female artist from T.O, Elissa! Your friend Freda (our 2nd fave female artist from T.O ;)), just called the Monaco man and said it was your B-day! Well, happy b-day, and hope you have many more happy ones while pumpin' the Freestyle! :D
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    Palazzo this weekend

    Just got home from Palazzo, the place was smokin'! Crowd wasn't as abundant as usual, but there was no attitude and it was just a good night. The best thing was the music, the Con man is amazing, I met the guy too, it was a freakin' wicked night, Palazzo always kicks butt on Saturdays whenever...
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    Need Advice...

    There's this girl that I've quickly become attracted to. She's one of my good friend's cousins from England which makes distance and time left w/her a pain. Now, I have virtually no time to do much w/her; I've been talking to some friends about this, and all of em have told me to just let her...
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    TF&TF... Again.

    Ok, I know this is short notice, I'm probably gonna see The Fast and The Furious again tomorrow night, not sure when or where yet, most likely Scarb Town Centre around 9pm. I know it's the long weekend, and lots of ya going out and stuff, but my bud's being "harassed" at work to see the thing...
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    CHIN Picnic

    HEY GUYS! It's Canada Day Weekend, and as you all know, with Canada Day comes the CHIN International Picnic. Mr. and Ms. CHIN bikini. I suggest we take this opportunity to get together party, check out the fireworks and maybe grab a coffee after. What do you guys think?
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    Jack, prob w/vBB?

    Yo Jack, just wondering, is there something up w/the vBB, lately I have been unable to use the image tags. Upon using the img tag, rather than having the image displayed in the post, vBB just creates a link to the image. Can you look into it and see what's up? Thanks!
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    Freestyle Heaven 3 Track Listing

    Hey folks, I know most of you have been waiting for this sucker, like me... here's the track listing. I'm still waiting for HMV Online to get it so I can order it. My faves are in bold. :D 1. Masquerade - Science 2. Need You In My Life - Joee 3. More & More - Intonation...