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    Great time at Euro Lounge for Cynthia's performance

    Hey I got back a little while ago from Euro Lounge in North Arlington, NJ where Cynthia performed. I had a blast. My boy DJ FX was spinning freestyle, classic house, latin house, classic dance songs, classic hip hop and a little bit of everything else. I didn't stop dancing. Then of course...
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    Freestyle Flashback 3 cancelled?!

    I just went to to read the list of artists performing at Freestyle Flashback 3 tonight and it's cancelled. I guess they didn't sell enough tickets because it's on a Thursday night and there's no holiday tomorrow. Here's a link to the event where they say it's cancelled...
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    November 6th 105.9 Freestyle Concert @ Roxy in NY - who's going?

    I just heard about this concert from a friend of mine. It's Freestyle Flashback 3 at Roxy on Thursday, November 6th. I'm surprised Ken hasn't added it to the calendar. I'd love to meet...
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    Need help for the name of an old house song with a sample from movieTrading Places

    There was an old house song which sampled the part of Trading Places where Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd greeted each other on the train as African brothers. The sample goes like babeedy babeedy babeedy ba-ha - babeedy babeedy babeedy ba-ha - babeedy babeedy babeedy ba-ha. It's basically the 2...
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    Report from the freestyle ski trip

    I know I don't post that much anymore but I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm at the freestyle ski trip. I'm working with my friend Frank who works for DJ Serg, helping him DJ the parties. We were in the smaller room on Friday night and tonight we're in the big room where the...
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    Need advice on what new albums and compilations to buy

    Hey everybody, I'm back again for a guest appearance. I know I don't come around much anymore so I'm a little out of touch with what's the latest and greatest freestyle to come out. Could people give me some recommendations of some new artist albums and freestyle compilations that are available...
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    Anybody else hear that commercial for Abby Lynn performing at Discotheque in NYC?

    Hey everybody, I'm back for another guest appearance on ClubFreestyle after not posting for a few months. When I was at the gym last night, I heard a commercial on the radio for Abby Lynn performing this Thursday at Discotheque in NYC. Did anybody else hear that commercial and get the phone...
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    Guess Who Was Just Hanging In Our Ski Trip Room?

    yo!!!!!!!!!!!! this is "el freestyle lover and mr. sam k" reporting from the freestyle ski trip!!!!!! the sh*t is off the meat rack!!!! we arrived around 12 midnight traffic was soon as we arrived we jumped into the open bar and was wrecked within the first hour we arrived!!!!! there...
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    "Move Out" by Nancy Martinez - house/trance version?

    When I was out with some of the CF crew on friday night at TGIF in Brooklyn I heard a house/trance version of the song "Move Out" by Nancy Martinez. I'm not sure if this was remake or if it was a remix of the original. If anybody has any info about this, let me know. Thanks.
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    Hey guys, check out this auction for over 400 Freestyle 12"s. From the looks of it, he's willing to sell them separately. FREESTYLE MUSIC RECORD COLLECTION 400+
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    A little bit of TKA trivia

    This should be really easy for the die hard freestyle and TKA fans out there. Which movie contained a TKA song on the soundtrack and which song was it?
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    History of Hot 103 in NY

    Check out this web page that has the history of Hot 103 in NY. The stuff they mention brings back some memories.
  13. S Freestyle Section recently updated it's site and it added a page for Freestyle music under the Dance/Electronica music category. They have a small list of artists, a list of new releases and a list for recommended listening which includes Safire's Bringing Back The Groove. Check it out. Tower...
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    Happy Birthday bigMARC!

    Hey bigMARC. Just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday. Hope you have great day.
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    Johnny O making a comeback....

    Nelson "FFWD" Cruz called me from Florida last night and put me on the phone with freestyle legend Johnny O. We had a great conversation. He said that he will be making a comeback, so keep an eye out for him. He's a really nice guy. I wish him the best of luck.
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    Looking for Canadian Freestyle CDs

    I have a question for my Canadian freestyle fans. I am looking for various freestyle CDs from Canadian records labels Odeon, Ti Am, Popular, Replay, Hi Bias and Echo but I can't find them for sale on any of the music store web sites. Here are the ones I am looking for. Planet Freestyle Vol. 2...
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    Club 1018 Picture Archive

    Those of you from NY may remember a club called 1018. Well somebody put up pictures from the club on the following web site. Club 1018 Picture Archive There is quite a few pictures of artists. Check out the clothes that everyone is wearing. LOL.
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    How and when did freestyle get it's name?

    I was wondering if anyone knew how and when freestyle got it's name. Back in the day it was just dance music. At some point it started being called freestyle. How and when did it start to become known as "freestyle"?