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    new piks

    new piks
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    Last Dance Copa Piks.

    Here are some piks. from the home till Copa
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    Posh PIXSSS 1/27/07

    Soave SAl and Speedy
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    here are my copa piks

    here we go
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    ***Circle Of Friends ENT On 2 Da Groove Radio*** wed june 7

    ***Circle Of Friends ENT On 2 Da Groove Radio*** Body: Come join the Circle of Friends Ent. "Turn Up the Heat on Hump Day .. The Right Way!" with hosts Delisious and Sweetie! Our debut is this week, Wednesday, June 7 @10pm EST. This week show features Shamrock of the "Sham Boo Koo Show"...
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    Jazzy is here

    Hi guys came to support freestyle and say hello with The Circle Of Friends :D
  7. jazzy4u

    Happy New Year

    I want to wish evEryone a happy 2006, be careful and enjoy. MMUAHHHHH
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    My Trip to Canada/Buffalo

    Hi guys the trip went wonderful and I had a blast. I went with Hubby and friends another couple. he ride in airpplane was about an hour and we stood in the RAddisson tellie in ontario . The falls were beautiful and we got on Maid of the Mist and some other things, we went to the Botanical Garden...
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    Guys Jazzy has decide to lea.....

    Well if u are in here u care about me. LOL I wont leave CF ever ever ever. I am going to Canada for a few days so I will miss yall. MMUAZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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    Nu Image The album

    Wo w this album is of the hook. I love it. My favorite songs are: Tears in My Eyes Your my Angel I will go on " with out u" Black Magic Woman You are worth These songs are really powerful. I recommed the album to be bought it is off the hook.
  11. jazzy4u

    Do not hold on

    Do Not hold to me, When I said to leave Do not hold on with all the chances that were given and you didnt believe me Do not hold on to the memories because they where erased like a picture that was deleted Donot hold on to what u said because it was all lies, while you had me mesmoried Please...
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    Sonya Ill be in Canada this weekend

    Hi mama Ill be in Canada this weekend Niagra falls, just figure to let you know.
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    Hi Cf familia maybe you can help

    I work for a non profit agency domestic violence agency and we are selling raffle tickets to raise money. The tickets are $25.00 a piece it might be pricey but look at the bright side it is helping and you can share it with others The Grand price is Vacation for two with airfare and hotel to...
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    10/7/05 Krystal's Benefit concert

    JAzzy, Ashley, Deli and My only , Ayna and me annd Krystal dancing with Sam
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    Raffle tickets being sold for a good cause

    Hi Guys I work for a domestic violence agency and we are selling raffle tickets to raise money. The tickets are $25.00 a piece and the Grand prise is Vacation for two with airfare and hotel to Puerto Rico, Dominican republic or Jamaica 2nd price dinner and broadway tickets for four ...
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    Freestyle Benifit

    Ok even though it got switch at the last minute, this concert turned out to be offff the HOOOOKKK. Krystal girl it was so nice to see you and see that you are ok and how happy u were. The preformances were off the hoook. Manny damm keep doing ur thing. Nu image dammm keep going and going (...
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    Congratulation to Suzane ( Lil Susy) and Mark They tied the Knot

    I would like to say Congratzz to Lil Suzy and MArk they tied the knot Yesturday and it was a gorgoeus day. God Bless and enjoy ur marriage.
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    DiamanteShow Shout outs

    Hi guys I would like to say that the show was Great. Artie and Legit the new song is off the hook. I always enjoy the show. Ayna - Girl That song is off the hook ( reggeaton) cant wait. Aby nice to see ya Latin Nation _ papa the song is beautiful - pleasure to see ya always My only...
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    Lets pray for all the Cfers from Texas and Freestyle Artist Angelino

    I want to say that I hope his hurricane doesnt turn out to be like Katrina. It has been rough for Lousiana and it will be devestating to have another state or states just the same. I want to say u are all in my prayers and all Cfers and Angelino papa when this passes keeps us posted.
  20. jazzy4u

    Good Morning And Enjoy

    Hi familia have a great day and make the best of it. mmuaaahh:walk