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    Aug.1st Freestyle Event in Mass??

    I cant remember who told me about this he, bu Ineed the detals again! I know the concerts are in Downtown Springfield, Mass, but thats all I know! If anyone has more info please post it for me! I have to drive down from Maine, so I need as much info as possible! Like is it free, if not how much...
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    new england concerts

    Are there any freestyle concerts in the CT.,MA.,RI.,Maine? Cravin for freestyle love:dancingb
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    Hartford, CT July 4th!

    Does anyone know of any Freeastylers performing on the Fourth of July in Hartford, CT? There's always Freestyle concerts on that day. Its always a big deal, so any info would be greatly appreciated! April:angel
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    Help! Where do we start???

    Ok, so my sister and I have been singing together for years, just local stuff. But we really want to get into Freestyle music. Only Problem is, we dont know where to start! Being that there are some serious artists here, what do you suggest? Where is the best place to start? Any suggestions...
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    love on a freeze?

    whats the name of this song "you got my on a freeze,i don't know what to do,you make it sound so easy, your telling me we're through" I'm looking for the artist and correct title for the song,please. April
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    Whats name of original version of...

    Sleeze Boys "Robocop" I need to know the name of the Original version of the song! Not the cheesy robocop version. Help again would be much appreciated! April
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    Old School Freesyle is still the best!!!

    Whats up yall! I'm April from Florida! Except I just moved to Maine!!! Talk about culture shock! Anyways, I'm a big Freestyle fan, especially Old School! But, I'm always up for new stuff too! Hope to chat with yall soon! I'm so glad I found this forum! Now i know I'm not the only Freestyle...
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    Help!!! Who sings this song?

    Ok, I'vwe been trying to find the name and artist of this song. It came out sometime between 1987-1989. The chorus goes "Dont stop, dance till you drop, I said dont stop...." thats all i can Remember!! and its not "Dont Stop" by Freestyle. Thats a different song. But it does have that same type...