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    Freestyle is dead here in South Florida

    Here's the deal. I'm from Fort Myers, FL and have several friends who are local club DJ'd, as well as radio DJ's. If it were up to them, they would play Freestyle music all day and night. It's the club owners, and station owners that are taking that power away. When I was growing up we had a...
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    Celia Cruz

    I'm from Floida, and have seen Celia in concert 5 times. I also had the great pleasure of meeting her and talking to her. She will be missed enormously. She made Salsa music what it is today. It's worldwide popularity is due to her charisma and outstanding stage presence. God Bless Celia and her...
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    How wrong this is?

    I have to agree. The same amount of work went into making CD's 10 years ago, as it does today! So why the major increase? I understand the opinions of the artists and producers. If you were to take a poll of 100 people who download songs for free, 95% of them would say its becuse prices are too...
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    Just one Freestyle song you would sing to an entire audience!

    "Wishing on a Star" The Cover Girls version. April
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    did anyone catch Sweet Sensations "Love Child"....

    I have to disagree with that one. I find the latin beats and the style to be very freestyle. But being that it was played on many pop stations, I can see your point. Too bad I have never seen that HBO show though. April
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    Freestyle Fanz in MA?

    Tight!!!!! Thanks for the info! I still don know where exactly downtown is. I'm coming from Maine, but I'll figure it out. April
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    Aug.1st Freestyle Event in Mass??

    I cant remember who told me about this he, bu Ineed the detals again! I know the concerts are in Downtown Springfield, Mass, but thats all I know! If anyone has more info please post it for me! I have to drive down from Maine, so I need as much info as possible! Like is it free, if not how much...
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    Freestyle Fanz in MA?

    Someone here that told me about a freestyle event in downtown Springfield, Mass.I think he said it was on Aug.1st. If you read this hit me up with the details again would you? Or if anyone else knows more about it, help a sister out! April
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    Lumidee mngmnt

    Lumidee is the sh#*! I just caught her video on MTV last week! God, I would've loved to have gone to the Parade!!! I've seen Frankie Negron in concert before, and he puts on an amazing show! And would've been DAMN cool to see all my favorite Freestyle artists on the KTU float! Having seen most...
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    Salsa question - help!

    I love that song! April
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    Freestyle Fanz in MA?

    Well I'm in Maine which is close to Mass!! If that helps any! Believe me, I know how hard it is t find freestyle lovers up here! April
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    Anyone know who sings this song?

    I cant help you, but if you'd be patient most likely someone else can. Sometimes i takes a day or so to get the answer. Good luck! April
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    what r fav happy freestyle songs

    Yo! Miami Freestlye is great!!! My "happy" song would have to be "Deamboy/Dreamgirl" By Johnny O. and Cynthia. April
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    Does Anyone Know who sings this song or what the name is??

    Thats what I thought at first, but the words are not quite the same, but now I'm wanting to know this too!!! It sounds so familiar, but when I try to sinit, all I can think of is Atlantic Starr. I'm gonna try to find this one out! April
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    KaZaa, Morpheus, WinMX, etc...

    I know they're not Freestyle, but so what. And the original version of the song goes "Dont stop, dance til you drop" ROBOCOP came out after when the movie came out. I'm looking for the original, not the robocop version. I already have that one. And it is Bossman records. Like I said, I know...
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    Stevie B

    He's at Clubs in Florida ALL the time! I've seen him in Naples and Fort Myers several times. The man still has it! And tickts sell out before you get to the door! Southwest Florida has MAD love for freestyle! So does Maine believe it or not!!! I'm in Northern Maine, but would drive to Bangor at...
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    KaZaa, Morpheus, WinMX, etc...

    Here's my deal! Since I've been up in Northern MAine, there is no place to buy freestyle except Walmart. And all they have are the greatest beats CD's which I already have. Problem 2 is that I dont have a credit card to buy CD's off the net. I download old freestyle, since I'm not as familiar...
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    Kazaa/k7-ty bless

    Kazaa users please read!!! By Patrick Gray, Special to CNET, 05/27/03 Users of file sharing programs such as Kazza and iMesh are urged to install a security patch after a serious bug was discovered in their underlying network. A security researcher recently found a potentially...
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    Need Help ..........See If U Can Guess This Song!!!!!!!!

    Yep its Pebbles! I used to love that song! April