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  1. 1sxychica

    Freestyle World vol 1

    :cool::D good to know there are still some f'style releases
  2. 1sxychica


    was just browsing YOUTUBE and came across a really nice freestyle mix and thought wow it's been a while let me quickly log in and say HI... this site seems pretty much inactive... but I hope you are all doing well and keeping freestyle in your hearts!! z103.5 in Toronto still plays an odd...
  3. 1sxychica


    hahaha oh im sure you've at least heard of me :D long time my friend...
  4. 1sxychica

    who i be

    lmfao... wow time flies...
  5. 1sxychica

    I am back!!

    oh sheattt its freestyleking.... :D
  6. 1sxychica

    I am back!!

    i remember u.... welcome back... my first day back too... this place used to be fun
  7. 1sxychica


    this site is still running!! and i still remember my username and password!!! I see there are still some familiar names floating around.... now sure how often this site is even being viewed but i just heard some old freestyle and it made me wanna come and say HELLO to those who are still kicking...
  8. 1sxychica

    Canada Voting 2006

    Who are you voting for? Are you even voting? lol
  9. 1sxychica

    me me me

    no hatin lol... just laughing out loud :lol
  10. 1sxychica

    Freestyle concerts in Canada?

    WE know what we're missing... other people don't :(
  11. 1sxychica

    me me me

  12. 1sxychica

    me me me

    them Euro cars are the best :)
  13. 1sxychica

    Congrats to cf member/moderator LaMatrix

    omggg!!!! congratulations giiiirl!!!!
  14. 1sxychica

    Merry Christmas!

    wet white xmas lol
  15. 1sxychica

    me me me

    :lol... you're just mean now.
  16. 1sxychica

    Merry Christmas!

    hope all of you had good holidayssss
  17. 1sxychica

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!
  18. 1sxychica

    New Freestyle from Canada - Maximum Freestyle Vol. 5

    sweet!! thanks for the heads up!
  19. 1sxychica

    Hockey Thread

    how do you feel about hte canadian olympic team line up?