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  1. 1sxychica


    this site is still running!! and i still remember my username and password!!! I see there are still some familiar names floating around.... now sure how often this site is even being viewed but i just heard some old freestyle and it made me wanna come and say HELLO to those who are still kicking...
  2. 1sxychica

    Canada Voting 2006

    Who are you voting for? Are you even voting? lol
  3. 1sxychica


    Rhythm Control vs. Natalise - When the rain begins to fall is there a freestyle release of this song? I just kinda found it and it's great for freestyle I think, altho its just dance. she's a freestyle singer (Love goes on, More and more, Tell me).
  4. 1sxychica

    Hockey Thread

    SO who here follows hockey? I gotta say last night was an amazing game. Leafs beat Montreal 3-2... and wow how did they play! Beautifully!
  5. 1sxychica

    happy birthday gornicevo!

    all the best to u sweetheart!!!! hope u have a good celebration... n hope u have a good year ahead :birthday :dancingb
  6. 1sxychica

    latin music

    hey guys i need some help... i'm looking for some good RECENT spanish music (artist-name) in the following genres: -bachata -salsa -merenge -reggaeton Something close to Aventura for bachata or Zion y Lennox for reggaeton. thanks much!! *muahs*
  7. 1sxychica

    Happy Birthday EZE

    Yay it's your birthday :cheers :timetopar how does it feel to be a quarter of a century old? :crap lolol *muahs* happy birthday hunny... all the best
  8. 1sxychica

    me me me

    I dunno if I posted any pics since I had my hair black... but yeah here you go... what do you think?
  9. 1sxychica

    artist/title help plz!!

    this song outta no where sorta just got into my head... all i remember is like "i need you.. i need you so bad i want you.. it's driving me mad" hope that's a correct lyric.. anyhow, its a female, but what song is this?!?! pls help :typing
  10. 1sxychica

    happy birthday El Duce

    Best wishes! I know he isn't on anymore... or not that I know of... but hopefully he'll have a great day today
  11. 1sxychica

    Happy Birthday Sara!

    happy birthday to u happy birthday to u happy birthday dear Sara happy birthday to u :dancepuff
  12. 1sxychica

    Happy Bday dquattro

    you're now a quarter of a century old... comforting aint it? lol... :timetopar all the best man!!!
  13. 1sxychica


    Some pics I took at the auto show last night, hope you like :)
  14. 1sxychica

    *~*~*happy Birthday Spyboy*~*~*

    Happy Birthday D!!! All the best to ya buddy... This is a BIG year for you ;) make it the best! *muahs*
  15. 1sxychica

    do you love it?

    All this beautiful snow. How lovely. How exciting... WHEN IS IT GONNA STOOOOOP?!?!?! This will be the THIRD time I'll be cleaning the snow today... How are you my fellow Torontonians coping with this weather?!
  16. 1sxychica

    Happy Birthday Zoe!

    Happy Birthday! All the best to you this year, ma! Best in life , love, and career :)
  17. 1sxychica

    some more of me..all i got for now

    someone suffers a personality disorder here.... u need to see a doc... i heard they actually got a clinic for ppl like u
  18. 1sxychica


    i guess i havent posted my pics lately... so if someone haven't seen me yet.. here i am...
  19. 1sxychica

    Happy birthday TRAN MAN

    hey you!! lol you seem to be turning 97 today :) awww cute... well hope u had an amazing birthday!
  20. 1sxychica

    Happy Birthday LeXxXie and El Duce

    Happy birthday guys!! all the best :)