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    Fascination "Plastica" song

    Plastica was produced by Mike Cruz along with her other house song Toca me Lo
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    Whats the name of song?

    It's "How I Love Him" by Cynthia
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    Check out the following cd's on ebay: Emjay "In Your Arms" Full-length CD Nas-t Boyz "It's Time To Get Nas-t" Full-length CD Jasmin "On the Loose" CD Single Ray Guell "Inspiration" Full-length CD Noel "The Question" CD Single Maximum Freestyle Vol 2 Full-length CD
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    Tazmania Cd Release Concert

    Make sure you check out this show tonight. Nyasia will also will be performing and Fascination will be hanging out enjoying the show.
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    New Freestyle Release !

    lol two ignorant guys on a website that only has a couple of hundred people viewing is not a majority. You are entitled to your views but you can't expect people to accept them (at least educated, tolerant people). I don't need affirmative action, that's what people use as an excuse for their...
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    New Freestyle Release !

    I understand that there are many homosexual males on these boards and usually us "straight" peeps are respectful of them. I think that's the most that anyone can reasonably expect. These boards can be harsh, for most anyone that comes under attack. It should be no different for a gay "man". As a...
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    Tazmania Records returns!

    I really like the cd and am excited that tazmania is back. From what I've read online Taz never said it was re-inventing itself or freestyle. All of these posts criticizing the cd for keeping with the tazmania sound make no sense to me. Why wouldn't music from the same producers and artists keep...
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    Arlene & Fascination at 46 Lounge Wed 7/8

    Anyone going tonight to check out these performances?
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    Ktu Freestyle Free For All

    I have two tickets for sale for tonight's Freestyle Free For All concert at Nokia Theater. They are on the promenade level ($50 each). Expose, Judy Torres, Safire, Alisha, Nayobe, Trinere, Lisette melendez! I can email you the link to print out the tickets. Show starts at 8pm, doors open at...
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    Thanks for sharing "I Was Lost", I enjoyed it.
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    yes it's a great song! glad to know the comp is still in the works. thanks for the update.
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    is there a way to get cheree's song?
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    ****"The Roof, The Roof"****

    Not sure if this is accurate but it sounds like a good explanation:
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    Freestyle Extravaganza - Mohegan Sun - pixxxxxxx

    thanks, me too. I love how she dances.
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    Freestyle Extravaganza - Mohegan Sun - pixxxxxxx

    YouTube - FASCINATION FREESTYLE SHOW AT MOHEGAN SUN FEB 21st! enjoy! the quality is ok, i had to zoom in a lot and it's a little blurry. you just see blonde hair lol
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    Freestyle Extravaganza - Mohegan Sun - pixxxxxxx

    Fascination did not perform her house tracks. She had to cut her show tape down to fit in with the time designated for her. It would be too difficult to add more songs and keep her dance routine.
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    Safire New Single

    At Evelyn's performance of her Christmas song in the city last month they played Exotique and it is definitely a great house/trance song that can be mixed into any club today. It's great to see our freestyle artists keeping current and being able to compete with the artists of today. Judy...
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    New Limited Edition Sammy Zone Cd!!!

    i bought mine as soon as Kenny's posted the info. the giuseppe d remix sounds hot! There's also an edit mix by James Anthony! pick it up now, you know you'll be kicking yourself later when they run out!
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    New Remix From Arlene & Carlos Berrios!

    I can't wait for this single! I remember about 6 years ago when Arlene and Carlos were at my apt and I played for him her version of Band of Gold and they talked about doing a remix. It's finally here, I'm sure it will be worth the wait!