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    Club Freestyle 4 Sale?

    Ya I heard a guy with over a Million dollars bought it.
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    New Freestyle 2010

    Dont bother with getting them as its just old tracks and they are saying its 2010 when of course its not. More and more lies coming from the world of Freestyle.
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    New Freestyle 2010

    WOW you must be sooooooooooooo lost Essential Media Group is just releasing freestyle music as mp3s. So they can make PTR Freestyle Vol 100 if they want and just re-release all this old tracks.
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    New Freestyle 2010

    WOW this has to be the worst so called freestyle cds i've ever seen and one user has to post this garbage. Oh and dont purchase anything from this fake record label called Essential Media Group just a fake record label re-releasing crappy freestyle and making their own crappy freestyle. More...
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    How far can you make it?

    60 for me. I used to play this game back in the day.
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    Freestyle singer SOLEE

    I wouldnt know but put the song up so others can hear it.
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    New TKA Set It Off

    Da A Clan was nothing then Adam Marano making money off Aby. TKA to me means K7 as its always advertised.
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    New Freestyle 2010

    He is like alot of old producers and record label owners he cant get outta the past and look to the future.
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    New Freestyle 2010

    Song sucks it sounds like Stevie B and why cant people just be original. Korell will forever live in the shadow of Stevie B. BTW YouTube- Stevie B - Each time Korell again needs to be original.
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    Diggy, son of Run-DMC rapper Rev. Run, inks deal with Atlantic Records - without dad'

    Funny that if a freestyle artist did the same exact thing they wont go nowhere.
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    New Track From Nv

    Kenny should really do is research.
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    I just got the LisCyn single today

    LOL i wonder what happened to the cd.
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    HOLY SHIT im going to post this on facebook.
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    new freestyle: stay away from autotune please

    Well that sucks Tony G had to use auto tune i liked that track but knowing he used auto tune sorry not a fan of the song anymore.
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    Artistik's Freestyle Parade 2010 UPDATE

    If you order it from Willie's amazon store you will get a PRESSED CD. I'm not a fan of the cd and ive promoted the cd all over facebook even telling people NOT to purchase it directly from those scammers at Amazon but only directly from Willie's amazon store account...
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    Just got the call that Nyasia's new album, "This Is Me" have arrived.

    Not a fan of the cd. But to Kid Heartbreak i have a song in my mind that ive been trying to write for many years now. But i know nothing about writing songs and its a shame cause this song would blow the water outta any other freestyle track. The whole song is not your typical track where its...
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    New Freestyle 2010

    Keep the NON Freestyle NON CD listings coming along like always LOL