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  1. StLouisFreestyle

    George Lamond New Album!!

    Oh yeah... I didn't mean to imply that they were for his album. I think the samples were for Carlos Berrios' new compilation that will be out this year. :sround Should be a good one! Have a happy holiday!
  2. StLouisFreestyle

    George Lamond New Album!!

    I heard some samples of some new George Lamond stuff while I was recording with Carlos recently. It was definitely Freestyle and it sounded great. The man can SING and put it down. But yes, like many of you, I will support him in any genre. He is an amazing talent.
  3. StLouisFreestyle

    CF People's Choice for December!!!!

    I don't usually get online to vote in this poll but I wanted to send special congratulations to Six2Night and Caleb B for being included on so many lists. They are incredible performers and truly gracious people. Congrats to everyone else making good Freestyle music and gracing all of these...
  4. StLouisFreestyle

    ClubFreestyle Top 10 for November

    Thank you all again for your support! I just got back from recording a new track in NYC with Carlos Berrios. I think we got another hot one. It's a track I wrote called "You Left Me" and I'll get it out there as soon as it's finished. Stay warm this holiday season and best wishes! :) Miles...
  5. StLouisFreestyle

    Clubfreestyle Top 10 People's Choice for October

    Again, I'm floored and I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your support and for even knowing who I am! Recording "Let It Go" was an amazing experience for so many reasons and I'm so glad that so many of you like the work. Thank you Carlos and Corina... thank you TKA :)... and thank...
  6. StLouisFreestyle

    Clubfreestyle Top 10 People's Choice for October

    Wow! Where have I been? I have been really busy with a variety of different things BUT I just wanted to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart for all the support you all have been giving me. You have no idea how incredible that makes me feel. You are incredible and I truly am grateful...
  7. StLouisFreestyle

    Favorite Cover Girls song?

    "If You Want My Love (Here It Is)" That IS a great track. I bought the "Divas Of Dance Volume 1" cd just to hear the Classic Club Mix. Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
  8. StLouisFreestyle

    Favorite Cover Girls song?

    Spanish version of "Wishing On A Star"??? I want to hear this! If someone can hook me up, let me know! My favorite song by the Cover Girls will always be "Because Of You". Perfection! I do love "Thank You" though also. They have done so many good songs, it is very difficult to stop there. :)
  9. StLouisFreestyle

    cater 2 u - destiny's child........ unbelievable

    A radio station that's gay? Is that SUPPOSED to be an insult? Hahaha. I think we all know what you're getting at but your choice of words isn't the coolest. I have the import single to "Cater 2 U" and there's no bass mix on there. Radio DJs sometimes dabble in remixing also. Maybe he...
  10. StLouisFreestyle

    Miles Petty: Opening Act for...

    Aaaah! What a surprise... first of all, to get the opportunity to open for Cynthia (thanks Bylli) and then, to find this thread. I am going to taking my vitamins like crazy to make sure I don't get a cold like with my last performance (I truly am my worst critic). Thank you all for the...
  11. StLouisFreestyle

    HEAR Caleb-B On Sacremento's RHYTHM 105.9!!

    Congratulations! The album is incredible and you are definitely deserving. This is only the beginning for you.
  12. StLouisFreestyle

    ::::: ::::: Freestyle Fantasia ::::: :::::

    I looked for this thread and couldn't find it again... now, here it is! :) Anyway. I just skipped over most of the negative aspects of this thread and I have to say that I am proud to have been a part of this show. I feel that the artists' performances were impressive and I was excited each...
  13. StLouisFreestyle

    That's It...i'm Tired Already...this Is What I Have To Say!

    Amen Angelino!!! What a great post from a great man! Hey Chuck D-when you gonna email me back?? :)
  14. StLouisFreestyle

    Miles Petty's new song

    Woah... a thread about me that I didn't start myself! :) Now that's hot! Thank you all so much for your support. It means the world to me. You really have no idea how grateful I am to all of you. Hit me up anytime with questions or just to chat. :) Miles
  15. StLouisFreestyle

    Free full download "Let It Go" (featuring Corina)

    And thank you all SO MUCH for your support! You all are great!
  16. StLouisFreestyle

    Free full download "Let It Go" (featuring Corina)

    I guess I should have mentioned that I need an alternate email address because you can't attach files through ClubFreestyle! :) But I've solved the problem!!! (Also, I replied to all of you who sent me an email. If for some reason you haven't gotten the email, check below.) Go to my...
  17. StLouisFreestyle

    Free full download "Let It Go" (featuring Corina)

    First off, thanks for the email requests you all have been sending. I will send the reply emails out in a mass bunch tomorrow or Labor Day. Something I didn't think about though... to keep this thread from getting buried... post a message here after you send an email. That'll help. :) Have...
  18. StLouisFreestyle

    Constructive Critism thread for New School

    Angelino-you should be proud of all that you've accomplished so far and for the future ahead. It was great to meet you at the "Freestyle Fantasia" show and I thought you sounded even better live than on record. THAT'S great man!!! The "Freestyle Fantasia" show is just the beginning of what...
  19. StLouisFreestyle

    Free full download "Let It Go" (featuring Corina)

    This is a call to ALL ClubFreestyle members and visitors... I have decided to offer a full download of my new single "Let It Go" (featuring Corina) for a limited time. I realize that just giving a little low-quality snippet on my site doesn't give much to judge. Anyway... the song is not...
  20. StLouisFreestyle

    New School Freestyle Artists - Keeping it Really Real!!

    Well... I have to say this thread is a welcome and refreshing change to the usual posts. Thank you.