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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    My list would look so much different. What made these my favorites were because they reminded of an event in life. The first one was when my wife and I first started dating. Every time I hear that song, I picture us both as teens. 1. Because of You - Cover Girls 2. Someone to Hold - April...
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    Freestyle Duets

    I know there are many of them but what are some favorites? Mine are probably obvious ones and the only two I really know Can’t We Try - Rockell and Collage Dreamboy/Dreamgirl - Cynthia and Johnny O.
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    Freestyle Songs or Not

    How about “Is it Real” by Pinay? They went more R&B with their newer songs but this has that freestyle vibe to it.
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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    A song I thought would show up on a few lists is surprisingly absent. Linear’s Sending All My Love.
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    Top Ten Freestyle Slow songs of all time

    When I Dream About You by Stevie B. gets overlooked.
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    A Few Lesser Known Freestyle Jams

    Some may know these songs, but many don’t because they were local artists (Bay Area, Ca), so I thought to share my favorites. Sharyn Maceren - Hard To Get M:G - What Do You Remember Emotion in Motion - Forever
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    I’ve Been Thinking About You - Jocelyn Enriquez

    Not a song many people really knew about since she was more of a local girl, who like Jaya, is Filipina. Do You Miss Me was gold in the clubs when I was spinning, but this was the jam. I remember she performed this live at a club I was at.
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    Freestyle Songs or Not

    I’ve always felt Baby Talk was more Euro Disco or New Wavw like CC Catch and Modern Talking. It kind of toes the line. Baby Love I felt was a rip off of Madonna.
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    DJ Tips here

    I’ve DJed at clubs with over 500 people and ones with 100. All clubs have a different demographic. One club I spun at was a diverse crowd. Another was an Asian crowd. Another was a more hip hop crowd. You just have to know your audience and cater to them. I hate techno, but if that’s what...
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    Top 10- Best Vocals Ever In Freestyle!!!!

    Another name that many overlook is Jaya, who sang If You Leave Me Now.
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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    When I was DJing in the late 80s and early 90s, one song was guarantee to get the crowd going and people dancing and that was Party Your Body by Stevie B. The first 10 seconds of that song was fire.
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    Top 10- Best Vocals Ever In Freestyle!!!!

    George Lamond should be at the top of everyone’s list. I watched him on the Apollo singing with Brenda K. Starr and they were both amazing. 1. George Lamond 2. Lisette Melendez 3. Trinere 4. Sa-Fire 5. Nyasia 6. Stevie B. 7. Denise Lopez 8. Shannon (Give Me Tonight) 9. Shana 10. Sweet...
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    My Top 10 List

    This was hard but going by my most listen songs on ITunes: 1. You’re the One for Me - April 2. Because of You - Cover Girls 3. Where are You Tonight - Coro 4. Bad of Heart - George Lamond 5. Endless Night - Cynthia 6. Boy I’ve Been Told - Safire 7. I Won’t Stop Loving You - C Bank 8. Inside...
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    April - Someone to Hold

    One of my favorite old school freestyle jams.