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  1. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Any one know the name of this tune

    Nice beat. At first I thought it was a version of Crash by TKA ..
  2. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Mushy emotional ass Freestyle

    Just thought I would start a thread on this topic to see opinions on the current state of most new Freestyle songs ... My take is - there is way toooooo much emotional crap involved in the lyrics or how the lyrics are vocalized in the song. Once you hit a certain point of "mushy-ness", it loses...
  3. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Top Ten Current Freestyle as of right now

    I totally agree with you .... Once you hit a certain point of "mushy-ness", it loses its attraction and just becomes some sort of love song ... I just don't remember the older classic freestyle being so mushy ... I mean, they fit the lyrics in but didn't over do it & backed that up with slammin...
  4. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Look what I found

    Well, I'm looking for anything I don't have or stuff that needs replacement. If you had a list, it would be easier. I would say most people are going to ask that question anyway ... LOL, I know making that list isn't something you are looking forward to doing ...
  5. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Freestyle Artists can't sing!!??

    These are the same 80's people that think Joan Jett can outsing Nayobe or Ozzy Osborne sounds better then George Lamond .... These are the same people that are in your way all the time during daily life and piss you off. You can't take them seriously, they just don't know any better ... Also...
  6. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Look what I found

    Let me knows what is there and what you want for'em .... I still mix vinyl ....
  7. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Top Ten Current Freestyle as of right now

    The J-Jimenez Time to say goodbye is just a badass song ! Poze really has an awesome voice. I just think he needs to tone down on some of the emotion in some of his songs. I have noticed that mostly all of the male freestyle singers have been very very emotional in their newer songs. I mean...
  8. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    New Freestyle Songs

    Is this you singing ? IMO, the songs needs some backround vocals to fill them out a little bit ... Make them "fuller" if you know what I mean ..
  9. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    new freestyle: stay away from autotune please

    I agree !!! I can not stand that .... Brittany Spears has to be the biggest user of this crap .... Kenny, now you know how I feel when DJ's use tempo/beat lock when they mix - anyone that "thinks" they can mix can masquerade their terrible skills with this mechanical curtain.
  10. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    What up Freestyle peoples

    I guess people sometimes come, go, and comeback again .... You guys know how it is .... Right now I'm just in work and I have Aprils new songs playing low in the backround ... After hearing her voice and how good its sounding, yeah a freestyle song would be really cool but, I'll tell ya, these...
  11. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    What up Freestyle peoples

    How's it going everyone, I haven't been here for a while, just droppin a message to say whats up and catch up on the boards !!!! ;)
  12. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Facebook Users!!! Add Me!!

    I added you as well ..
  13. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    *Important* Harassment on the Internet (a must read)

    I still want to know why he puts his ears on the inside of his baseball hat ..
  14. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Freedom Tower name changed to One World Trade Center

    They really need to make this the tallest building ... Over 2000 ft ...
  15. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Facebook Users!!! Add Me!!

    Kenny, I was all banged up at Rise last night and texed you ... LOL :D Watched TKA perform ...
  16. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    joey kid new music?

    Just realized that there is a club version, though there is only a few seconds of a sample on his page.
  17. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    joey kid new music?

    I like it ! However , just like back in the day, this song sounds like its in need of a "dub version" with a bit more spice to it ... It's a slower song that is right on that line of being a full on dance song with a few modifications ... Did I hear G-Lamond in the backround vocal ? Maybe my...
  18. BloomfieldAveCruiser

    Freestyle Concert Cruise check it out 1st time ever... A MUST GO!!!!

    Boop, you are probably staying home to watch the kids .... :eek: Hubby will be having lots of fun chillin on the cruise .... LOL :p