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    Old School Sundays!

    Old School Sundays! All 80s freestyle and dance.....
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    12 Free Drum Kits - Free Samples

    Free Samples - Also for Producers, Bands, DJ's & Musicians - Resources, Tools and Knowledge Base! Add your link to our directory if you have a music website.
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    Old School Sundays
  4. tearsoftechnology

    Added Live Streaming to the Site

    Check out the new stream kicking live 24/7 on my site! Killer jams.... Dan
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    Brand New Tune from Serenity

    Crossfire is the name of the tune. 3 diff mixes. Ballad....pop mix at 120 bpm & dance mix at 130 bpm.
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    Podcast of Breakbeat Mix Sets

    Podcast of Breakbeat Mix Sets
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    Looking to purchase............

    Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Freestyle Remix 2009) Cece Peniston - Finally (Freestyle Remix 2009) The Beat Club - Security - Some 2000 on up mix.....very mello. not the original! if i knew where to buy new freestyle, i would. but i never know where to find new music.
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    New Release from Amy Tori & Vinss-T

    New release from Amy Tori & Vinss-T entitled "I Still Remember". This is one great release featuring several styles of mixes. CD Baby: iTunes: Thanks!
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    Tears of Technology Spinning Tonight

    7pm Central - 8pm Eastern
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    Free Dance Mix Sets

    Uploaded some new mix sets for free download here: Also, new music added to my site from Amy Tori, Vinss-T, Tears of Technology, London Exchange, DJ Kayden and more!
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    Remix Contest!
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    My Official Site is UP!

    Check it out.....and enjoy of course...... Also, London Exchange from the 80's has a new official site too.....he sent me the link today!
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    New Mix CD - Still Tears of Technology - Still Amy Tori - Crying (504 Freestyle Mix) Tears of Technology - Empathy (Club Mix) London Exchange - Memories of You (504 Club Mix) Amy Tori - Another Story (504 Freestyle Mix)...
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    New Music: Amy Tori - Another Story

    504 Original Club Mix (5:07) Dan the Man's Trance Mix (5:53) Freestyle Club Mix (7:27) 504 Radio Mix (3:25) Dan the Man's Radio Mix (3:27) Freestyle Radio Mix (4:04) Need help? Email me at
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    orch hits in freestyle

    what VSTi is good for orch hits like in freestyle music? Dan
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    New Breakbeat Anthems Thanks! Dan
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    London Exchange Feat Martin from Voice in Fashion
  18. tearsoftechnology

    London Exchange Feat Martin from Voice in Fashion

    The music was written and produced by Tears of Technology for That is right, the legends of freestyle are back with a new track. London Exchange feat Martin from the Voice in Fashion with "Fall Apart". Check it out............
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    The New Full Length Album from Tears of Technology

    Now avail....................