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    What ever happend to Albert Cabrera of the Latin Rascals?

    I am just curious Does any one know what ever happend to the amazing Albert Cabrera ? what is he up to these days? I know Tony Moran is involved on alot of remix projects and dj's all over the world. But what ever happend to Albert Cabrera? thank you in advance
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    Check out 1990 Hot 97 Saturday Night Dance Party Mix Here

    great post!! the days when house and freestyle ruled the airwaves of nyc!!! Glenn Friscia was an amazing DJ!!
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    Two Without Hats new song

    there old school stuff back from the late 80s early 90s was AMAZING!!.....
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    Help! Looking for a song I think is called 'I don't know'

    most deffantly "Take Me, I'm Yours" by Quadlibet on tazmania records back in 1994-1995 althougth the song was done in 1987-1988 you can check them out on youtube.
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    Does anyone know what happend to Owen "OS" Soba?

    I am just curious does anyone know what ever became of Owen "OS" Soba ?? he produced some amazing songs back in the days like suave "crying over you" and tonasia "wondering" does anyone know what owen soba is up to these days? just curious...
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    APRIL: new website, single, etc

    Hey April whats up....i am a big fan from back in the days earlys 90s.... I am just curious how did you get into freestyle? and hook up with Joey Gold and metropolitan records....and how was it like back then working with Joey and Metropolitan records? was it like in the studio? on tour...
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    La Mega on 97.9 in NY

    No i didnt even know they were playing dance music anymore...i will deffantly try to check them out this weekend... as far as paco .....i havent heard anything about him in years....i wonder if hes still in radio.... If you can get an mp3 version of there weekend mixes please do share.... and...
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    La Mega on 97.9 in NY

    is the dance music with vocals or just beats? i am surprised they play freestyle anymore? back in the days from 1993 to about 1995 fridays nights they would play these freestyle mixes that were AMAZING....they were mixed by norty cotto and sometimes by rob razor and albert cabrera.....then they...
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    Trying to find new freestyle music

    what up khb.... can you give me a list of freestyle songs and artist that have dropped some very good freestyle in the past 3 years?....hopefully i ll be able to purschase them... thank you in advance
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    GOOD BYE Pulse 87!!! HELLO PARTY FM!

    Re: Pulse 87!!! so what led to them ending? bad ratings? bad music? bad signal? bad financial decisions? media not showing much interest/demand in dance music but much more interest/demand in pop and hip-pop i am gona guess and say all of the above......
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    safire/michael jackson

    Of course this all about Michael Jackson....NOT about Safire...... The stupid liberal media has labeled Safire as a R&B artist when she orginaly came on the scene as a freestyle dance artist.... again this is our ignorant liberal media at work....dumbing down the youth of this country into...
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    LATIF sure has a lot of time on his hands!

    what exactly happend with tony garcia and lil suzy? is tony garcia realy that big of a scamer?
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    from the blog of Judy Torres......kanye apoligizes

    very simple.... Howard Stern is that makes it OK to ban him Kanye West is African-American, and as we are learning from the Liberal Controlled Media, any criticism of Obama is racist and therefore it follows, any disapproval of whatever Kanye West did has to be racism. Pretty...
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    Nyasia New Track "Betray"-Safire, K.Diaz, P. Messano, E. Ramos, V. Conde, HeartBrake

    Re: Nyasia New Track "Betray"-Safire, K.Diaz, P. Messano, E. Ramos, V. Conde, HeartBr No doubt paradise...good looken out.... nyasia sounds off the hook on the vocals...its great to know shes still around doing her thing and sounds realy good as always....I have always been a big fan of...
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    Nyasia New Track "Betray"-Safire, K.Diaz, P. Messano, E. Ramos, V. Conde, HeartBrake

    Re: Nyasia New Track "Betray"-Safire, K.Diaz, P. Messano, E. Ramos, V. Conde, HeartBr wow.... Lori Thillet aka HeartBrake.....she had a classic back in the day "finish what you started" on queen b records... didnt even know she was still doing music....... nice to know shes still around...
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    new freestyle Chris Brown – Don’t Know What It Is (Prod. by Scott Storch)

    like i said if a black guy who sings pop-r&B over a freestyle beat its a hit and radio loves it.... if its a non- black guy singing over a freestyle beat it aint getten radio play....bottom line This is nothing new (black r&b -pop singers using freestyle beats)....its been going on for...
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    FREESTYLE BLAST Staten Island, NY

    when is this? date ? time? thanks
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    Mysto & Pizzi -Somebody's Watching Me(GEICO) an inspiration to new school freestyle

    Mysto & Pizzi -Somebody's Watching Me(GEICO) an inspiration to a new freestyle sound As you know Geico the insurance company commerical .....this commerical may restricted to NY/NJ so not sure every one has heard this commerical as it may only be in ny/nj in ny you hear this...
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    Djs are the front line of freestyle

    love joei mae and her music much respect and god bless you you ll always have my 100 percent support its nice having another freestyle artist chiming in along with K7.... wish we had more freestyle artists and producers chime in and give us there take on this....
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    Djs are the front line of freestyle

    Kay you Joei Mae and other artists as well along with Carlos Berrios were ready to take a freestyle in a new direction ...a new sound... what happend?