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  1. lonely4eva

    A Lovers Heart

    im feelin dat, good work mamita...
  2. lonely4eva

    Emotional Today

    that was deep im feelin it
  3. lonely4eva

    The Strangest Smile

    damn dats deep, im feelin dat 1
  4. lonely4eva


    yo dats deep, i feel u on dat 1, people should learn 2 leave their past in da past cuz if they dont they will neva have a future, u go gurl ; )
  5. lonely4eva

    Hello I am new here

    welcome 2 cf, hope 2 become friends wit u...
  6. lonely4eva

    Hi, i'm tina

    hey wussup, welcome 2 cf...
  7. lonely4eva

    just stop by to introduce myself

    hey welcome 2 cf, hope 2 get 2 know ya a lil bettter, keep freestyle alive
  8. lonely4eva

    who i be

    DAMN after seein those pics now i know angels do exist, hope 2 get 2 know ya in da future mamita....
  9. lonely4eva

    This is me NOW!!!!!!!

    all i have 2 say is WOW
  10. lonely4eva

    hey its L4E, its been a minute but now i'm back

    hey everybody its me LONELY4EVA, have'nt been on 4 a while but now i'm back, hope 2 catch up wit my old friends on here and lookin 4ward 2 making new ones 2
  11. lonely4eva

    LOST (copywritten 2005)

    Another day begins and your not here with me my life filled with darkness, my soul trapped in misery I felt it deep inside, as my heart it broke in two now how am I supposed to carry on if it can't be with you I don't wanna see the daylight, as the heartache within consumes me so slow all I...
  12. lonely4eva

    REFLECTIONS IN TIME (copywritten 2005)

    Our time ran out, I don't know why till this day I sit and cry All this pain i've kept inside is something I can no longer hide I still reminisce of you and me and the way things used to be Where do I go from here, what do I do how does this shattered soul begin to get over you I know i'm...
  13. lonely4eva

    Does she still think of me......

    thanx guys you've guys alwayz been like fam 2 me and I really appreciate your input, I just wish it was that easy to tell my heart to let go, but on the real what goes around comes back around and I know one day she'll find herself on the receiving end of the pain........
  14. lonely4eva

    Does she still think of me......

    I've been in a long distance relationship for almost a year. The girl would come down and stay a week or two then go back home for like a week and everything was all good when she was down here. She cooked, cleaned and was good with my kids (none of which I made her do). Then there was a time...
  15. lonely4eva

    Afraid 2 Fall (copywritten 2005)

    When I look into your eyes, I try my best 2 see if i'm everything you dream of and if this love is meant 2 be... So I look deeper, finding questions that linger within with this new chance 4 happiness, where do I begin... You want me 2 understand that your afraid 2 fall again your <3 can't...
  16. lonely4eva

    Love Is Suicide

    I'm Baaaaack.....
  17. lonely4eva

    Love Is Suicide

    Suicide is a dark and lonely place and there's no turning back once you enter this space... If I told you I never thought about it, that would be a lie for there's times I wanted to end this eternal pain and just say goodbye... But I held on for the thought of you knowing that you'd be there...
  18. lonely4eva

    LaNenaDeOro sort of updated lol

    DAMN GURL ... you can get it with the lights on .... :1luv
  19. lonely4eva


    :hpound :hpound :hpound ... :heee