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    Obama our Next President

    He's the better choice. Our country is struggling too bad to have same agenda. That's what Mccain and Palin would bring.
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    Obama our Next President

    Barack Obama won in a landslide victory over John Mccain to become out 44th president and Americas first Black President!
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    world champion phillies

    Congrats That was a good game. Question is does this win put pressure on The Eagles, Sixers and Flyers to win a title?
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    Hey Maci. It's seems like good stuff. I think it's better than boxing. The match recived a 4.8 rating, that nearly edged out Saturday Night Live. Some hardcore MMA fans think CBS is airing the minor league stuff. The tought from MMA hardcore fans is the real stuff is UFC and WEC Wrekcage. The...
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    last Saturday night on CBS at 9 was the debut of Elite XC Saturday Night Fights. This is to be Mixed matual Arts on network TV. The Big main event was Kimbo Slice. Are you guys big fans of MMA? This is looked as what is killing boxing and Pro Wrestling.
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    Hannah Montana shows off some

    Dateline; Los Angeles: The wealthy and most popular 15 year old Miley Cyrus is in a little controversey. She is showing regret for doing a tastfully simi topless shoot for Vanity fair magazine. It has her holding a sheet in front of her chest area show a art shoot display for the magazine...
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    The Pope is here in DC

    Here in The Nations Capital we for three days is getting the company of the Pope in his US tour. I was a little late getting home sine where he was (The National Shrine) which is a block from where I live and all the streets were blocked. Lots of walking traffic. I did hear some of his mass from...
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    Red Sox try to curse The Yankess

    You all now have heard the story of the construction worker who is a RedSox fan while pouring for the new dugout of the Yankees new stadium. He dumped a David Ortiz jersey down the cement. He wants that to be the curse of the Yankees. Now The Yanks spent $50,000 to dig it up. Is this real...
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    hey Myriam Don't get me wrong, I like Kate Bosworth, no I don't know of the attactivness of MIT students. But many will say, are MIT students really that hot.?
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    Hey Jazzy, hey Meggie. The real story was great, but the movie took too much away from the great story
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    Here is my movie review. Do not see 21. It's a movie based on a true story of 4 MIT students who mastered the art of card counting to win lots of money playing 21 Blackjack in Vegas. The story is great, but the movie makes it too much of a love story and hardcore action thriller. 21 stars...
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    new piks

    WOW Lovely pics
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    Vouge Cover; LeBron James and Gisele Bunchien

    It's like Shakespere; It's much ado about nothing. Vouge should be celebrated for getting into the 21st century for the lack of people of color they had on the magazines cover many years ago. It's show that Vouge is making progress. Lebron joins Richard Gere and George Clooney for being the only...
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    Vouge Cover; LeBron James and Gisele Bunchien

    Lots of controversey from mainly black sports colomunist trashing the latest Vouge Mag cover with LeBron James and Gisele Bunchien. ESPN writer Jemile Hill(who is black)writes; "wearing gold in this picture and his basketball pose make him look like a gorilla and show himself like many think of...
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    NCAA Tournament Time

    Davidson upsets Georgetown. Looks like my brackets are in a little trouble. Those little mid major team are the teams to watch. They like George mason two years ago, will cause the most trouble in the tournament