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  1. SONYA

    Hiya everyone!

    Makes sense Chuck...good luck :)
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    me me me

  3. SONYA

    Happy Birthday ChuckD!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  4. SONYA

    ***OyE Mi CaNtO***

    Yup still a good song :listen
  5. SONYA

    Canada Voting 2006

  6. SONYA

    Safires Wittle Dog

    OMG TOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I got a ShihPoo that's 6LBS and I thought he was tiny lol....what a cutie tho :)
  7. SONYA

    Anyone Watch Days of our Lives?

    hmmmm wonder is Shawn will in fact find out the baby Clair is his....
  8. SONYA


    Oh wow...extreme thread jacking
  9. SONYA

    Freestyle concerts in Canada?

    Last time Cynthia or the Covergirls were up here was in 2001 with Collage, Lil Suzy and Johnny O...Don't know if we'll ever see another freestyle show loke that up here in Toronto not enough demand for the old skoolers other than Stevie of course
  10. SONYA


    Well up here in Canada a lot are Italian (Joee, Lucy Falcone, Zoe, Elissa, etc) Some are Greek like Dimi and Freida And then we got Tamara who is Portuguese!
  11. SONYA

    2005 Retroactive Survey.....add yours here

    1. What did you do in 2005 that you’d never done before? honestly nothing that I can think of 2. Did you keep your New Years’ resolutions, and will you make more for next year? Nope, but this year I plan on getting my GED and I plan on fulfilling my resolution 3. Did anyone close to you...
  12. SONYA

    MrFerrari here

    Welcome...always nice to see a fellow Torontonian :p
  13. SONYA

    Anyone Watch Days of our Lives?

    It wasn't on annoying cuz I'm gonna miss it today :mad
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    The Notorious BIG - Sky's The Limit
  15. SONYA

    me me me

  16. SONYA

    A public thank you...........

    Chuck you're doing a great job!
  17. SONYA

    Anyone Watch Days of our Lives?

    Well I guess it happened today...Bo let Chelsea take the car out and she hit Zack
  18. SONYA

    Anyone Watch Days of our Lives?

    Wow I've been watching days for years now and the past few years haven't been the greatest...its a sad story line but maybe that's what Days needs to be the soap they should be...ever since the Salem murderer story I don't watch it as avidly as I used to...hmmm I wonder when Shawn will find out...