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    Eamon-Don't Want you Back

    Someone made a rebuttal song called FU Right Back or somethin like that, I heard it on Z100. I dont remember who she was though..
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    K7-SwingKids Teaze!

    :drool WOW :drool
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    My Tavi

    Aww he's adorable.
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    Try This Guys!!!!!!

    LOL this is funny :p
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    K7tka.....whatta comeback!!!

    :eek: This is greeeeeeat news, I'm so happy lol. I can't wait, I love K7 I remember when I was in elementary school and zunga zeng came out that song was the shit lol. Awww I'm so excited I don't know what to say :p
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    Just thought some of u might wanna read this.... The Freestyle Movement Can We Get A Remix? by Sofia Quintero More than a decade before Ricky Martin was "Livin` La Vida Loca" and Jennifer López first asked "If You Had My Love," a wave of Latino singers ushered in what was arguably the...
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    HAPPY Birthday Nessava

    Hey Mike! How are you? My friends had a lil "party" for me last night and we're supposed to go out this weekend if it doesnt snow. Nothin too krazy cuz school just started and already its stressin everyone out.
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    Happy Birthday To Joedocpa

    Happy birthday Joe. I hope you have a wonderful day :)
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    HAPPY Birthday Nessava

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    No more ghost mode??

    LOL I don't think my comp is posessed. I'm always on ghost mode and I know where to find, it use to be on the top of the options list. It's not there though, now the first option is "show your reputation." Unless thats ghost mode but I doubt it. Anyway before when I would come on I would see a...
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    No more ghost mode??

    Is it just me or did ghost mode disappear?? What's up with that, some of us like keeping a low profile around here. :bangbang BRING IT BACK!!!! PLEASE :o
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    Real World Creator Dies

    I heard about her death too. There's an article on the mtv website... Mary-Ellis Bunim, who helped launch the reality TV genre by co-creating the long-running MTV hits "The Real World" and "Road Rules," has died. She was 57. Bunim passed away in Burbank, California, on Thursday after a...
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    ~Some CF Members~

    Gracias everyone :)
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    My Precious Angel

    Aww he is too cute, congrats on ur baby boy Angie :)
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    ~Some CF Members~

    Everyone disappears and comes back at some point..... including me :p
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    Happy Birthday to ColombianHarry

    Happy birthday Harry!!!! Have a great time celebrating tonight :heee
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    Born In The USA?

    Born in Manhattan, livin in Queens always :p
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    Hiiiii haha yes its been a while since I've been up in here, I but I need some help :heee Sooo next month I'm going to be 21 and I want to do something to celebrate with all my friends. I wanna go to a club but not everyone will be able to go for whatever reason so I was thinking about...