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    the slut is at it again

    First off, since when do you have to be an admitted racist to make a racial slur? I don't know and really don't care if this fool is a racist or not, a slur is a slur. That's really not my issue. Secondly, you can talk about all the white, Asian, & Hispanic people you've seen that you feel...
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    the slut is at it again

    Monkey, ape, gorilla, are all known and derogatory RACIAL SLURS toward African-Americans and African Americans only. Being half African-American I know this to be FACT. To go ahead and make comments such as the ones mentioned in this thread to a black person is racist no matter how you try to...
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    Ciara's 1, 2, Step....

    I've heard her other song everywhere. I really didn't care for it but the beat was tight. Lil' Jon was the guy who produced the So So Def bass comp that had Corina's cover of "Summertime, Summertime" This song has a really strong electro influence. Not subtle in any way. It's gotta nice beat...
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    Why are women

    LOL! Mike, what kinda girls you been hanging around buddy? Maybe they're trying to turn the tables on us. lol uh ohhhhhh
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    the slut is at it again

    This thread got way outta line. It starts with one member calling another human being worthless and continues with another comparing a person of African-American descent to an ape? lol, WOW! Seems like this thread would've been closed. Things that make ya go hmmmmmm.....
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    Interacial Marriages or relationships

    I have heard some pretty ignorant stuff regarding topics like this. It's amazing the way some people are still thinking. My parents were of different races. They weren't together very long and divorced when I was still an infant. I'm not aware of any problems (regarding race), if they...
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    2 years ago 2 day

    Wow that is young. Sorry to hear, hope you feel better soon.
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    Rosalyn Sanchez ~n~ 50 cent

    :lol Maybe she is trying to further her *ahem* "singing career" lol I guess she is making a "power move"?
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    Corina appearing in "Fear and All of Me"

    This sounds like it is going to be off the chain! Wow, she wrote all of this? Sounds really creative...and personal...and daring. lol
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    feel the beat...

    Yo Matt, with the instrumental flashback track! lol You definitely got some serious soul! Hot track ok, lemme see if i can guess some of the samples... "Can You Feel The Beat" Lisa Lisa "Walking On Sunshine" Rocker's Revenge "Body Music" The Strikers "Body Mechanic" Quadrant Six "All Night...
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    Where is Nyasia?????

    Good luck with everything in the future! Hold it down! lol
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    Top 10- Best Vocals Ever In Freestyle!!!!

    Continued... 20. Nice & Wild - Diamond Girl 19. Sweet Sensation - Hooked On You 18. Monet - My Heart Gets All The Breaks 17. Rochelle - Praying For An Angel 16. Luis Damon - Should've Never Let You Go 15. Monet - My Heart Gets All The Breaks 14. Fascination - Wasn't Love 13. Angel Clivilles -...
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    What WAS the very 1st Freestyle song?

    Exactly, and what's funny about that is "Planet Rock" was "Planet Rock" before freestyle even existed! lol
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    Anger problems

    Yea, that's why i picked the avatar for this month. I was watching her DVD, that girl could sing & dance like no other! lol LOL @ ur signature :p It's the truth tho!
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    SAD NEWS,,,Laura Branigan Has Died

    So many artists passing. It's always sad to hear, no matter what the cause. Rest In Peace
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    Childhood Radio: Jody Whatley

    You know what Matt...we got all the same musical tastes. GOOD taste! lol "Second Time Around" Is my favorite. That came out the year I was born. My mother loves this record. Jody Watley made a cd last year called "Midnight Lounge". It's got a hot house/jazz track called "I Love To Love" w/Roy...
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    ~*~Right Now........~*~

    Playing spades on yahoo and having "a drink". :cheers
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    Anger problems

    I think it's just the world we live in. Normal for anybody to feel like this sometimes. Look at what we have to face everyday. It's a human reaction after enough bullshyt comes your way.
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    ~*~Your Type~*~

    Long, curly hair Big brown, hypnotizing eyes Thick eyebrows (but no unibrows! lol) Deep complexion About 5'5 or so Basically.... Cynthia :drool But as far as mentally, a sense of humor is all that matters. I could never get along with anyone too serious or with a poor sense of humor. Be it...
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    Top 10- Best Vocals Ever In Freestyle!!!!

    The best artists and the tracks they tore it up on.... 10. TKA - Louder Than Love (Great harmonizing) 9. Judy Torres - No Reason To Cry 8. Tony Moran - On The Edge (Solo) 7. Cynthia - If I Had The Chance (Best freestyle comeback, hands down.) 6. Lisette Melendez - Together Forever 5. India -...