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    Will there be any in San Antonio anytime soon?

    My Self along with Alex were part of the Pepsi Summer Jam Concert That was a huge Venue @ The Freeman Colesium. I would love to come back to TX.
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    ClubFreestyle Top 10 for November

    Thankyou for the support.
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    Tonight On Ktu!

    James, Thankyou for the continued support.
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    Hello! I am the new owner of ClubFreeStyle

    Welcome Not to toot my own horn But heres some Info for ya
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    Freestyle CD Singles 2005

    Ashley Here We Are Maxi Cd
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    Last chance to win tickets to "FREESTYLE EXTRAVAGANZA 2"!

    Id love to go ......... Id love to be in that Line up. I ve actually havent performed in Ct in Years.
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    Farewell ClubFreestyle from Your Founder, JackG

    JackG; I wish you nothing but the best The site really gave my career a push when I needed it. Best wishes. Ashley
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    Dj Hightech Is Coming Back Strong!

    Good to Hear . Much Love to the High Tech, June, Benny and My DAAAAAWG
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    New School Vs. Old School

    Being an in between Artist I started in 1993 , So Im considered by many as a new schooler, however I love the Old SChool Thats why Im in the Buisness. If you Listen to my lastest song Here We Are I Incorporate allot of Old School elements in my Productions .
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    Freestyle Estravaganza II

    The Line up was anounced yesterday . Its the exactLine up as the current Freestyle Estaravanganza Tour.
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    Freestyle Estravaganza II

    Sold out Waterbury Ct show on November 25, 2005 I am looking for Guestlist Info. Id love to go to show my fellow artist suuport. MY contact phone is 860-212-9668 New show added @ the Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville Ct 1/14/2006. Im looking for the promotor info as I would like to Showcase my...
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    Hot 96 does care...

    Thanks for the love and support . Your station rocks
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    Ashley on KTU last night!!

    Thankyou to KTU , Judy Torres, James Anthony, and to all my Fans. To Ed Ramos Jr for the Production. Let KTU know what u think of the song.
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    How is itunes for finding Freestyle?

    I know my lastest Here We are is available on Itunes. So are many freestyle artist.
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    Constructive Critism thread for New School

    Thanks for the input and critiscm It well taken. If theyre are any producers or writers who want to help me make My " One Hit Wonder" contact me @ Lets see who steps up to the plate.
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    Clubfreestyle Top 10 for August!!!!

    Thanks for the votes I appreciate the support.
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    New Freestyle Sucks

    I thank everyone for the compliments and the critics as well. I actually do write the majority of my material, but I have a few writers I enjoy working with. In addition I own my Own Publishing Company and handle all my own affairs. Ill keep doing my think . Not everyone likes me or my...
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    New Freestyle Sucks

    Thanks for the support Chuck D ,candyGirl and DaddyJ, Steve :" Mr Miami" I ve had the pleasure of Doing shows for you in Philly. I agree with part of your statement above I feel some of the artist need to step up our product , Vocals , Production , presentation.
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    "Bangin Beats" Volume 2 mixed DJ Steve Callo & DJ Paradise-release date/track listing

    Tell The distro or Mic Mac to sent me a copy for myself. I havent even heard the finished product.