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    A New Stevie B CD in 2003 ?

    Can't waite, i personally have liked every Stevie B cd that he's released. Hey Carlitos you said you don't need another Stevie b album well i suggest you try "funky Melody" one of the best freestyle albums ever, one a true freestyle fan should not be without.
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    Stevie B - in hiding, web page, songs

    Good job jack Hey Carlitos you say why we call him the king, well cause he is simple as that, the man could retire permanently and never come out with another song and he'll forever be the freestyle king cause with all do respect to all the other great freestyle artist Stevie B stands alone as...
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    freestyle artists with sexy voices

    Tony Moran Georege Lamond Stevie B
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    Not enough props for Collage?

    I am a big fan of Adam Marano as well the man has many hits and no matter what genre your in everyone knows thats hard to do.
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    Most attitude...

    Safire all the way.
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    Planet Freestyle is BACK!

    Cool, can't waite.
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    Guess Who I Saw Last Night....

    Man, i wish i would have been in your shoes at that time.
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    Best Freestyle Performer??

    Tony Moran & Stevie B.
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    AMERICAN IDOL & Freestyle

    I think Ruben will take it all.
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    Vote for your King And Queen!!!

    Dr. style i agree stevie being the king, but SalB said the reason he didn't add stevie to the list is because "he feels Stevie b is in a class of his own being that most of his stuff became popular".
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    The King and Queen are named!

    I agree with Bunny Rabbit, i think safire should have won as well but nevertheless conrats to judy.
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    Listen to Nu Image Here

    I like it, great job guys.
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    Vote for your King And Queen!!!

    Oh man, how can i forget Jocelyn she's definitly in the top five.
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    Vote for your King And Queen!!!

    Safire is definitly one of a kind.
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    Most Valuable Collectable Single:

    I would have to say Nice & wild's "diamond Girl", what a classic.
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    fav pure pleazure song?

    Mine is "white dove" awesome track.
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    Here's a question for everyone....

    I agree with Kenny and Ceesil, the old school artist had pashion in their music, sorry to say but some of the new stuff just suckes now in days, IMO thats why all the radio stations stick with the old school.
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    Vote for your King And Queen!!!

    King = The great Stevie B(even thought not on the list) King thats on the list would have to be George Lamond Queen = Safire Group = Tka Songs = not on the list "party your body", on the list "silent morning"
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    What is your all time favorite Freestyle CD?

    I agree it's impossible to name just one.