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    Songs that sound kinda freestyle by non-freestyle artists

    Does anyone know what ever happened to A'me Lorain anyway? "Whole Wide World" is one of my all-time favorite songs as well.
  2. J

    madonna's demise

    This was an incredibly stupid post. When has Madonna not been hot? Hello! Anyway, just to continue with what other people have been writing, my favorite song of hers is "Secret," favorite album "Bedtime Stories." But everything she's done has been the shit, and I am very excited for her new...
  3. J

    Favorite ZOE song

    My favorite is "This Isn't Love Anymore" (both versions are awesome, but I especially love the freestyle version), but the whole album is awesome.
  4. J

    Natalie (Goin' Crazy) full-length album.

    I haven't seen anybody mention this yet: Latina singer Natalie's full-length album has two songs with freestyle elements, one is a semi-cover of Nu Shooz' "I Can't Wait," and the other is a breakbeat remix of "Goin' Crazy" (this one is only available on the iTunes version of the album AFAIK)...
  5. J

    CD NOw AVAILABLE on ZoeFanClub.Com!

    I just got mine today in the mail, and it's hot! Thank you, Zoe, for helping to keep quality freestyle alive! The album is awesome.
  6. J

    New Trinere anthology 2-CD set?

    So, I was in Tower tonight to pick up the Mariah Carey CD, and I saw on the new releases racks that there is a new Trinere 2-CD set called "Anthology," released on Pandisc. I didn't pick it up, but probably will soon -- does anyone have any information on this?
  7. J

    LIL Suzys New Track

    I think the song sounds great so far, but of course I am totally biased because I love Lil Suzy, she is by far my favorite freestyle artist ever! I'm just so excited that she is finally working on something new!
  8. J

    Best Freestyle Complete Record Ever!

    Well, I'm sure there will be a million different opinions on this one, but my all-time favorite freestyle full-length album is "Life Goes On" by Lil Suzy.
  9. J

    We All Love Johnny O's Tracks, but

    I vote for Dreamboy/Dreamgirl. It's one of the best freestyle songs ever, IMHO (certainly the best duet).
  10. J

    Let The Music Play: The Best of Shannon (out today).

    Hey everyone, it was released on Tuesday and is widely available. I bought mine at Tower Records in Washington, DC. Here is a track listing: 1. Let The Music Play 2. Sweet Somebody 3. Give Me Tonight 4. My Heart's Divided 5. One Man 6. Do You Wanna...
  11. J

    This Is Reina (full-length album) out now.

    Anyone else pick this up? There is no freestyle, but wasn't she once a background singer for a number of freestyle artists? At any rate, it's a good CD, IMHO...
  12. J

    Let The Music Play: The Best of Shannon (out today).

    Anyone else get this?
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    What freestyle REALLY needs to return to prominence, IMHO.

    I've been reading all of the posts on here lately about why freestyle is no longer popular, why it hasn't made a comeback, what would be needed for it to do so, and so on. I wanted to share my opinion, which is that, like any other genre of music, freestyle is only one big hit away from a...
  14. J

    New Cynthia Song

    For those of us who don't live in NYC and haven't yet had a chance to hear the song, can someone please explain the difference between freestyle and "urban dance" (which is what I've heard the new song described as)? Like I said, I have yet to hear the song, but it's Cynthia, how bad can it be...
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    Sharyn Maceren
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    Why Do A ot Of You People Hate Lil Suzy So Much...

    Just to add to the above sentiments, I LOVE Lil Suzy. She is my absolute favorite freestyle artist. She is awesome! I agree with some of the posters that she doesn't have the world's strongest singing voice, but who cares? She can carry a tune, and IMHO her voice is suited perfectly to the...
  17. J

    What is your all time favorite Freestyle CD?

    This is easy, "Life Goes On" by Lil Suzy.
  18. J

    Judy Torres greatest hits a modern classic masterpiece!

    I wish people would stop bashing this CD! Okay, perhaps the productions aren't identical to the originals, but damn, it ain't that bad! Personally, I like the entire thing, I especially love the new production of "Back In Your Arms."
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    Badboy Joe's Freestyle megamix 3

    When is this going to be commercially released?
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    Is this album worth getting?