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    APRIL: new website, single, etc

    April, Please Bring Back The Freestyle Lover In You!
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    ***Tazmania Records Is Back***

    No More Tears, No More Lies! Enough is enough with the Freestyle Lies and Deceptive Practices... YouTube - LATIN FREESTYLE BILLY RAY - NO MORE TEARS
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    ***Tazmania Records Is Back***

    CPR, good insight. How much was Hot paying per Comp on average? $5k? Why were the artists being charged for Studio Time and if that is the case why was the label collecting on all profits? Shouldn't the label in this case have provided compensation back to the artist for their initial buy-in...
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    Wired 96.5 Present's Freestyle Explosion

    It's a pretty half decent venue. The only problem is there's not much else to do in Trenton as far as night-life or restaurants. You can always shoot 35 minutes down to Philly for a Cheesesteak afterwards.
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    How Far Our Music Has Really Fell

    Freestyle was an attempt to cross-over into the English mainstream, which proved to be successful in the clubs, streets, and radio stations within both urban and suburban America. You also have to keep in mind Freestyle also stood in the background of Glam Rock, and the theme of love &...
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    Philly for some reason likes "cut your veins" freestyle. ^^^^^^^^^^ Hah! Are you saying we're the Grunge Movement of Freestyle? Don't go there. :D Seriously, thanks everyone for the honest reviews. It is appreciated.
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    As part of TKR, I am promoting an artist on the roster. I am sorry they don't pass your litmus test for what is acceptable to be classified as a Freestyle Artist. As I stated in my previous post, I accept your assessment of FFM's ranking system. Perhaps you should start another thread...
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    Hey Boss, Why do you feel anyone has been chosen to represent the Freestyle scene? I don't believe that was done here. Are you basing that remark on the rankings or the few positive posts which were listed here on NYF? Do you actually feel people are jumping into the track, or do you feel...
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    I'm not going to dispute your claims against the rankings, after all you were once in partnership with the entity and would know more than I about how they do things. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on the song.
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    Can you give an honest review of the track? Most Freestyle songs if not merchandised properly are worth as much as a Filet O Fish, .99, but the difference here is this track will be PRESSED, part of a greater Compilation and not released on CD-R. This is also not the final version of the...
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    Hah! You remember that? Hopefully by year's end when the compilation is released.
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    Wilson- "I Was Lost"

    Has anyone heard the new unreleased song from Total Kaos Records in collaboration with Rhoq Solid Entertainment by Wilson? It's called "I Was Lost." You need to check it out.
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    New Freestyle 2009

    Anyone check out 'I Was Lost' by Wilson?
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    Sandee Memorial Concert

    Who's flying down? Most of the Miami acts will be there, plus it's a good cause.
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    Dance Party USA

    Anyone old or young enough in the Philly Area knows of Dance Party USA, which originally started as Dancin' On Air on PHL-17. Everyone also knows Philly was a hot-bed of activity for Freestyle Music in the 80's and early 90's. Who can forget the infamous club Pulsations: YouTube - Pulsations...
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    Vinnie Politan

    Everytime I try to get out, they suck me back in.
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    New Music: Amy Tori - Another Story

    I agree with CPR. I hope this isn't an actual release. Thanks for sharing.
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    Vinnie Politan

    If they're lucky, people eventually grow up and out of Freestyle.
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    a message from JUDY TORRES...........

    The first Freestyle Website popped up actually in '95 sometime.