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    Natalie vs. Angelique

    LMAO... I love this one.. Inside information guys... Natalie is Angelique or should I say Angelique is Natalie... Story goes... After she recorded the two songs she left the company, The company need a face to put to the songs so the recruited a good friend of mine "Who's name I will not...
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    Sammy Zone's Demo project

    Thank You....:D
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    Sammy Zone's latest project

    LMAO!! Thanks guys!! Trust me the finished product will blow you away!!! Were really trying to serve the original justice and give it the respect thats due!!! I wouldn't do a remake unless I could compliment the original!!!!
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    New Freestyle 2011 and then some

    This Is Completely False Please Take This Thread Down!!! That Is An Insult To Me My Producer Carlos Berrios And My Fans!!! I Am No Where Next To Being, Have Been, Or Will Ever Be Considered A Freestyle Outcast!! Please Lets Not Elaborate On Any False Rumors Thank You!!! Sammy Zone Adm Records
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    Whats the deal Francis
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    Here We go again!!! There were only 3 artist who sang, but there were many who lipsang the songs and thats what caused all the contraversy. Rei Summers was the first and original Reinaldo then came Carlos and last but not least was Walter who never sang didlly sqoot on any of the tracks Sammy...
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    I Need Know

    Sammy Zone Broken Promises Kenny G I Can't understand it Both in 1994
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    Reinaldo's Real Name?

    Sammy Zone & Rei Summers Are the voices of Reinaldo. Thats a fact Jack
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    Just Wanted To Say Hello

    LOL Oh no that was made cool, Thanks Take It From My Heart!!!!
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    Just Wanted To Say Hello

    Sorry everybody, Iv been out of the loop for a minite but I promiss i will try and keep in touch. Iv been working real hard and been in and out of the state, but i'll be here for a while hit me up with any shout outs Peace, Love & Freestyle Sammy Zone:D :blah :hearton
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    Help me pleeeeeeeeeeaze!

    Whats Up I'm very flaterd, you can pic it up threw Metropolitan Records, its on Forever Freestyle Vol 1. Let me know if you find it. Peace Sammy Zone.
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    Need a Li'l Help

    Like I said your the man!!!!!!
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    Need a Li'l Help

    Dam Grafpix is the man, Thanks and by the way I sent that out this morning! Double Thanks
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    Need a Li'l Help

    The big Test 4 Freestyle Lovers I'm not sure but I think the spelling of the artist is Bethaney, lets see if you guys really know freestyle? Know who can tell me the name of her song?
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    Need a Li'l Help

    There was a recording artist by the name of Bethany she was on After Dark records But I forgot the name of the song she sang and to be honest in not sure if bathany was here name but if any one recalls any info on her PLease Let Me Know!! With a shot in the dark!! Sammy Zone:(
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    True Passion

    Sorry I'm a little late but I was at Artie party, I wonder if any of you guy recognized me
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    You might run it but the Queen rules here

    Not the ladies miss behaving
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    Johnny O did not live to his expections

    Hey JackG I need to ask you something please hit me up. Sammy Zone
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    Tired Of All The Games !!

    So who needs a shoulder to lean on?