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    what is the best TAZMANIA RECORDS song?

    Sammy C - If you wanted to love me Samantha- Be Sure Pure Pleasure -When will you come back to me and so many others..what a great label!
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    ROCKELL - L.O.V.E. gaining steam

    I really like the song, I hope it gets released soon:)
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    Mickey Garcia Comments.... wasnt good at all..LOL
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    For those that doubted the Freestyle comeback

    Love the mix pete, thats what im talking about This is definitely where its at!!
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    I really havent heard much in the way of new freestyle that I lie but Its an interesting sound, I like it:)
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    Mickey Garcia Comments....

    I dont know..not my cup of tea:)
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    sweetheart/ just be gentle with my heart

    Hey guys, I know you guys are the best when it comes to identifying songs. So i was wondering if anyone knew the artists of these songs and where i can find them. the first one is called sweatheart(not the nina bena version)..its the one that mariah carey remade a few years back(wont you be my...
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    We are the Ones?

    I think this song came out early 1996 or late 1995. I Had seen cynthia with coro , judy torres etc perform it in a concert in june 1996 and had heard the song being played in mix shows on the daio a few months before that. Anything else i couldnt tell you.
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    Freestyle artist record other music

    India(La India), Brenda K Starr, George Lamond, Safire, lisette Melendez, and Luis Damon all have sung Salsa. 2 in a room(not really freestyle) are in Fulanito I know Elissa from Canada had afew cool pop songs. thats all i can think of for now:-)
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    Sad Day...

    I love party 93.1 but there arbitron ratings are very low and thats what may happen to KTU if they play pure dance...well unless they do it right.
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    Spring Love Remix By Huey Dunbar

    yeah heard it about 6 months or so ago. its tight. but most of his stuff is.
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    Solution to the Judy Torres Debate

    Well said by MrMiami & aim4night
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    Judy Torres & Collage - "Air I Breathe"

    Its a cool song. A freestyle or breaks version would have been hot, and I think would have helped sales a little bit. But either way its cool. The hardcore freestyle fan base of today is too small to be detrimental to her career. Most of the people who were her fans 10 years ago arent buying...
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    reggae song w/freestyle hook.

    yeah..also reggaeton group Wisin y Yandel has a song that uses a sample from "silent Morning" by noel.
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    what i just heard is insane "what is freekiton"

    Im waking up from the dead to post on this. Im running out to find this mix. this is very exciting news. now im not such a big hiphop fan only because i like teh beats but dont care for the image..and unfortunately reggaeton has adopted alot of that image but who cares..i love it anyway..LOL...
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    KTU playlist

    Exactly what im saying.. I understand this..I think Ktu plays enough freestyle as is beneficial to ratings. As for their formula..its a good 95 in orlando plays a good mix of dance/pop/Hiphop..and its good. KTU has the pop/top 40 element, but constantly passes up adding great...
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    KTU playlist

    ok so KTU is supposed to be a rhythmic station right. for this week they have 28 songs on their playlist...only 7 are dance records(9 if you count remix versions of whitney houston and luther vandross) seeing stuff like this gives me flashbacks of hot 97 in 1993 :crap we need a party 93.1 up...