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  1. djmerkone

    Upcoming Freestyle Compilation

    Hello Everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted anything serious on here. However, I am coming with great news. I am going to be releasing a freestyle compilation this summer, and I still have a few slots available. If you or someone you know are interested in participating, feel free to...
  2. djmerkone

    song from 1999 Help

    Lamour - You Told Me Link: YouTube
  3. djmerkone

    Freestyle Promoter Roll Call

    count me in please.
  4. djmerkone

    Where is Everyone???????????

    Just popped in. Thought I'd say Hi to those still on here. Has been a VERY long time. BTW, the genre is not dead... just not well supported, IMO.
  5. djmerkone

    orch hits in freestyle

    The one i use primarily is Edirol Orchestral VSTi. Great quality and control, though it can be power hungry at times.
  6. djmerkone

    2 Mysterious Songs by 2 Mysterious Artists

    do you know where i can find J. Alams feat. Mookie & J.V. "Prisoner's Cry"? and do you know if the other tracks are worth searching for on the cd where this song is featured
  7. djmerkone

    Ashley Here We Are

    This is a superb track. Its one of those tracks that takes everything out of the norm and catches your attention regardless of what you are doing. This song is very diffrent from what has been out there. I was very proud to purchase my copy as this was well worth it. My only set back is the...
  8. djmerkone

    djmekone of DMO Muzik, Inc.

    Well I guess I have nothing better to post for the time being, so here's the most recent pic of me...
  9. djmerkone

    need help with this song!!!

    The song would be available on iTunes or I think the version on iTunes is from a mixed cd though, so it would only give you part of the song.
  10. djmerkone

    2 Mysterious Songs by 2 Mysterious Artists

    Thanks alot Krystal. I really apreciate your help on that one. It wouldnt surprise me if no one could figure out the 1st track, cause every one i know personally doesnt know it either.
  11. djmerkone

    Whos Producin'?

    Here!!! I cant check out the tracks right now, but i will give them a listen then let u know!
  12. djmerkone

    2 Mysterious Songs by 2 Mysterious Artists

    1st songs lyrics: Verse 1: If i could only have a second chance, I'd change my life for you. Choosing my ways led me to believe (forgot some stuff here) You should have listened to her cries at night, when she warned you not to go out, but you went instead. It seems your wrongs have caught you...
  13. djmerkone

    Like it or not, CF is back!

    Wow, im glad my old home away from home is back. I hope that certain issues managed to fish it/themselves out of here. I kinda like the idea of a fresh start. Who knows, maybe this time we have alot ahead of us.
  14. djmerkone

    Only heard this once!

    i guess i worded that wrong. i heard it once on the radio back in ny a few years back and got a recording of a lil bit of it which is what i wrote above... my bad :P
  15. djmerkone

    Only heard this once!

    If any one can identify this, they da man (woman too) ;) Bridge: You should have listened to her cries at night when she warned you not to go out, but you went instead. Seems like your wrongs have caught you in a mess, now you're stressed... in the dark feeling all alone... Chorus: What if I...
  16. djmerkone

    any1 know this

    Eye II Eye/Eye 2 Eye - I Promise You
  17. djmerkone

    End of The Freestyle File Radio Show 6/18--Please join us for our final 2 shows.

    Wow, its been a long time since i've been on CF and this has been the ultimate shocker. I would have never though of the show closing the doors. But as you said, life does go on. From the hear, many will miss it, as well as my self. Thank you guys for your support in the freestyle community, and...
  18. djmerkone

    Wik-It Records New Web-Site

    Ok, at the moment, we are undergoing major reconstruction of the site. we want it to be a pleasant place for you all. So give us a bit and we will have it done. L8trz