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    Freestyle Playlist on Spotify

    Nice, but if it's massive it doesn't have some of my stuff on it, check out John Tapia on Spotify, "Tell Him" "Tonight is the Night" and the latest "Ride or Die" is out now. Thanks for the supporting underground artists!!
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    a message from Stevie b

    I don't know, the man personally and don't do businees with him, However wether it's called freestyle or whatever. The guy either wrote some good songs or surrounded himself with some good writers. The Postman song was a top ten billboard hit, something that not many if any "Freestyle" aritist...
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    Define this One

    Classic, many House records/ Dance cuts have smapled that bassline. The one Irecall was Fast Eddies "warehouse Mix" of "it's got to be funky"
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    One and only by John Tapia on edithead blogspot

    Hey what's up people how are you? Just wanted to let you guys Know that a record I did 1992, "one and only" has been reedited and posted by Rascal's Revenge on I have heard some of you guys might have been interested, please check out his blog and post a...