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    Ayna "Sober" music video New music video from Ayna "Sober" available on itunes. Share the link. New music video from Ayna "Sober" available on itunes. Share the link.
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    Ayna ft Aby "Try"
  3. ayna

    Abys new album " It is what it is"

    Check out aby at
  4. ayna

    Abys new album " It is what it is"

    Download or purchase the cd below. Check out the video to his single "salvame"
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    Se La Vi by Ayna

    Download your copy today!
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    Se La Vi by Ayna

    Ayna "Se La Vi " (Yuyo MC Wizards style ) The Single available now !! help spread the word. Se La Vi (Yuyo MC Wizards Style ): Ayna: MP3 Downloads
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    Ayna - "Sober"

    Thank you!
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    Ayna - "Sober"

    New music Available for download August 20th. Check out my Http:// for details
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    Ayna - "Sober"

    Thank you!
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    Ayna "Se La Vi"

    August 20,2012 New Single Release Ayna "Se La Vi" Written by Ayna & Aby Cruz Produced by Pompeo Messano Mastered @ SGR Records USA by Yuyo MC "Da Wizard" Photograph by Frank The Hat Torres Distributed by Island Def Jam Digital . Visit &
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    Ayna - "Sober"
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    freestyle 2012....anything new..? Ayna - "Sober" freestyle bounce mix
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    Ayna-Endless road

    Every day is mother's day in my eyes. Therefore, "Happy Mother's Day". This video is dedicated to you. I think of you every second of every day. I love you and miss you. You will forever hold my heart!
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    FREE Ayna posters while supplies last

    FREE poster while supplies last. Check me out on
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    New Music from Ayna

    New Release From Ayna "Sober" EP Album featuring Remix and Productions by Dan Scream / Yuyo MC / DJ Matrix / Will Alonso Distributed by Island DefJam Digital Brought to you by SGR Records USA get the Ep on iTunes:
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    A Traditional Freestyle Christmas Vol. 1

    Here is the link to pick up the christmas album with you favorite freestyle artist. Available on the 15th. Everyone did an amazing job!!!!
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    TKA license plate!

    I own one that a fan gave them back in the 80's
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    Aynas music video

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