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    Help me identify this song

    Hi All I had a bunch of cassette tapes from NY in the 1990s, mostly freestyle mixes from the radio. However, I came across this single cassette tape. One side has a early-mid 90s feel Freestyle song on it. Other song on the tape is the remake of the song "Want Ads" Help find Unknown latin...
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    Question About 80's Freestyle Song

    e-mail Hello Again, Glad I could help... Please send your e-mail address to me at I'll try to send you the mp3... Seth
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    Question About 80's Freestyle Song

    It's Cuca - Young Love Hope this helps...
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    "Return To Me"

    Hello, It's new school and in Spanish, and by a male singer. Each line of the chorus begins "Return a mi"... Sorry can't give any more info about Thanks
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    looking for an old song.

    By your lyrics, it seems it might be Expose - "Tell My Why"
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    Looking for a song for years

    The song is by: Evolution - "Together Again" Hope this helps Seth
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    Attn South Florida: Over 200 Records for sale

    Hello all in South Florida, I am anticipating a move out of florida within the next few months and have to get rid of all my LPs. I have over 200 records for sale, all in very good to near mint condition. Included are some freestyle classics, and some Very Rare and hard to find freestyle...
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    Help with this song......

    It's Leticia - "Why Do You Treat Me Badly" - Available on Maximum Freestyle
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    please help bad azz song!

    That's Frankie Boy's "She's Leaving" off of Maximum Freestyle
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    Please listen the clips

    Hello, Sample One is Stacy Lattisaw's "Jump Into My Life" Hope this helps!
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    Can Anybody recommend???

    Can anybody recommend to me some old school freestyle/electro songs that are by soulful singers. Songs like these: Loleeata Halloway - Crash Goes Love Carol Lynn Townes - 99 1/2 Seidah Garrett - Do You Want it Right Now Cbank/Jenny Burton - I remember what you like and even Shannon's Let the...
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    Another electro song...

    Hi all, Wanna avoid the debate whether or not this is freestyle, so I'll just say it's old school electro. I heard it on Salsa 98.3's afternoon mix. I really don't have much of the lyrics since I was driving... (male singer) The subject matter is kinda weird - maybe something about aliens...
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    "When You Were Mine"

    When You Were Mine The Song is "When You Were Mine" by India. It came out on her freestyle album "breaking Night." I can try to e-mail it to you. E-mail me at and I'll reply with the mp3. Hope this helps, Seth P.
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    Miami Dance radio?

    Salsa 98.3 is a good choice - they play a lot of freestyle, especially weekdays from 12-1, with a freestyle mix. Party 93.1 is an all-dance channel, and they do play freestyle, but overall not as much as 98.3 Power 96 is not like it used to be - it is rap and hip hop now. Seth
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    12inch record lot for sale part Two M-Z

    Here's the list continued. See my first post for info Magic Touch feat. Jackie Santana – Fade Away Hilda Mariee – Why Did You Have to Lie? / Imagination Nancy Martinez – Can’t Wait Nancy Martinez – Move Out Matina – Can’t We Try it One More Time Brian McKnight – Back At One Mel & Kim -...
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    12inch record lot for sale part One A-L

    Hello, This is mostly directed to those that live in South Florida. I am selling my collection of 12inch freestyle, some classic records, other rare gems. Price is best offer. e-mail me at The lot can be picked up at North Miami Beach. (I eill continue this under another...
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    Salsa question - help!

    Hi Company B, That's by Nino Segarra, I have that song on the Salsa en Matinee vol 2 compilation. Hope this helps, Seth
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    Place to Sell 12 inches in Miami?

    My record collection is getting too large. Anyone know any stores in Miami that will buy old school freestyle 12 inches? Thanks
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    Havent a clue who sang these songs--Please Help!!

    The First songs is by Abby Lynn - "You're My Only Love" - it was on Micmac records.
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    Anyone know what CD?

    I have the vinyl of "Rock Me Shake me" and made pretty good MP3s of the songs. What's the best way to get em to you?