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    Angelina - I Don't Need Your Love (Lex 2005 reEDIT)

    ummmm sounds the same to mee I mean whats so different about it,
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    Artist " Vizion"

    he's had a few track on his time yes he wokred with Artie last I heard he was still in action wiht da music , but no totally sure if he is still work wiht artie or not the last I talked to Artie the begging of this year Vision is still in effect and hope will be getting back up with artie very soon,
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    Update On Manny Show Nov 19 2005

    good luck everyone have a great time and Manny congrats bro , cant wait to get my copy bro, Rockum
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    New coming from Mike Astorga of Pure Pleasure!

    good stuff man its keeps getting better and bettter
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    'Time And Time Again' should be remade

    a song that dope shouldn't have to be touched , I say LEAVE IT ALONE!! unless the person knowd that there new version will be just as good as the classic!
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    WHy DO Artist

    So far all the artist that I had the pleasure singing with have been very nice and a pleasure to sing with, I aint perfect but I am nice to those who deserve to be nice to!,
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    Wendy's new freestyle song coming soon

    Its about time Wendy!U were long overdue for a new one I hope is as great as all the other ones, Congrats Chris best wishes bro!
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    New Freestyle: Five of Ten Feat. Andrea

    I like the song alot. vocals and writing and melody are banging. production although is lacking alot of elements that could have made this song a hit. But I will definately be putting this in the mix on my next set. Its my favorite new school freestyle right now. I agree with that, the words...
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    Good Bye to CF

    I'm not trying to start any DRAMA here but post like this is WHY people get tired and just don't want to bother. People JUMP the gun and think it's because of something or because they want membersto beg. Just like u I talk to Tony as well, its obviously sumthin if he is leaving what it is no...
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    Good Bye to CF

    and whats does that have to do with u having to leaving, u make it seem like to be posted on CF is a bigg inconvienience to u , its actallu kinda dumb unless u have a reall good excuse, or maybe just attention so that people can write to u and to convience u not to leave, I think thats what it is
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    New Freestyle: Five of Ten Feat. Andrea

    Angel I think the Andrea u might be refering to , is the one u did the back ups with for the track ur brother producerd for her this girl on the video is a totally different girl and by far bettter here , LOL not trying to riff on my homegirl but yeh this Andrea here is al ot better lokin then...
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    New Freestyle: Five of Ten Feat. Andrea

    i think there could have been mroe done with it instead of focusing on her cause thats all u see is her, a video is suppose to have reason of what she is singing and all u seee is her , theres is no club sceneand the rapp what is it with freestyle and people trying to rap NOT kewl there is only...
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    New Freestyle: Five of Ten Feat. Andrea

    ok she is not cute and u call that a video the song is aight but nuthin to get excited over
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    Truth: Free Download

    Truth aigth my badd listen i will be sending sum dowwnloads soon I hav eto figure out how to download them once I do everyone will get a chance to jamm fo sure, sorry about that
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    Carlos Berrios & After Dark Productions

    Calors Berrios Rules Mann That Guy Can Produce A Track About A Katchup Popsicle And It Would Be A Hit, Thumbs Up To Him!!
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    Sweet Sensation vs Seduction

    how do u compare those two groups, if u were gonna but sumthing like that , then its should have been COver Girld VS Sweet Sensation, ther was no other girl groups that were better, but for this one Sweet Sensation biggg uppppps all the way
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    Nyasia's Baby Shower 9/10/05

    and i wasnt invited for to this event, I could've made Zangria and Mai Tais for everyone!!
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    New Freestyle From Lia Marquis

    Wooow welcoming back a true Diva of Tazmania good shyt!!!! the production better be ":Crakin" dont be having us waiting here and its wak (I highly doubt that) <<< so lets hear it already we are all waiting LOL!!
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    Asha(Touch The Sky)

    Asha songs is hott, I believe that Zoe has an album and I know Nyasia has plenty of tracks that u can hear and groove with and so does Ashley, I am working on my album slowly but surely I have no specific time or date but will keep posted, I think if anything if these poeple have there own web...
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    "Bangin Beats" Volume 2 mixed DJ Steve Callo & DJ Paradise-release date/track listing

    i would not know nobody will let me know if its in stores in philly. __________________ Well.. From what Mickey told me it should be in most bigg music store and that the cd is SOny so it sound be out in main stores, I was surprise to see it here in Rochester and its smaller than Philly so...