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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    Crying over you - Soave Without You -George Lamond You're just who I need to love - Coro Loving You -Solid Only in the Night - Voice In Fashion I'm Loving Freestyle - Dany L In the name of Love - Charlie Babie With or Without You - Ann Marie Kill a Man - Kenny Freestyle Give me back my heart -...
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    Need help with title and artist

    hello, Having trouble with a song. Not quite sure about the lyrics but, it's a male artist verse goes something like : time is passing by so fast girl I guess I'll never learn, without you by my side , can't make it through this night, you once told me that you cared and now you've gone and you...
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    Thanks Hey guys, Thank you very much for the lyrics. That was pretty tough for me to try and figure out from listening to the record. There are some more songs that I need to post for lyrics. - especially one where the music drowns out the- (bad) oh, excuse me- vocals. I remember the...
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    Hey, Does anyone know where I could find the lyrics to " You take me higher" by Charlie Babie? Thanks L.E.:bangbang
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    Who Sings This Song?

    Who sings you and me?
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    ~*~ Name It ~*~

    Honey to a Bee - Tina B