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  1. FreestyleAddict

    Top 10- Best Vocals Ever In Freestyle!!!!

    In no particular order: Sandee "Gone but not forgoten, what she was able to do with her vocals was amazing" Lidya Lee Love George Lamond Sa--Fire Tony Moran "As a vacalist he is so underated" Noyobe Jeanette Jurado (Expose) Jenny Burton India (Her range its insane) Marc Anthony (even thou...
  2. FreestyleAddict

    Looking for the full album of Johnny O in Vinyl

    ^ this is the full album cover im looking for^
  3. FreestyleAddict

    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    Way to many to mention!! Its funny cause my list have change thru out the years, some songs I love back in the day now sound a bit annoying lol C-Bank - I'm so in love with you (Alternative Mix) TKA - Tears may fall/Louder than love Corina- Give me back my heart Information Society -Running...
  4. FreestyleAddict

    Looking for the full album of Johnny O in Vinyl

    I already did a wall dedicated to Rock from the 80s Now I'm in a mission for doing a some walls with nothing but the music that inspired and influence me since early 80's. On this wall there will be lots of Freestyle artist that were responsible for really raising the bar high and being...
  5. FreestyleAddict

    Selling freestyle 12'' collection

    R u still selliing vinyl?
  6. FreestyleAddict

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    The so call term "Frestyle" or "Latin Hip-Hop" can be argue again and again, and again. You gonna have people thinking that it magically appear out of nothing and out of nowhere in the late 80's ealy 90's when in reality it was an evolution of different sounds and influences that can go back to...
  7. FreestyleAddict

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    Which ones you desagree with?
  8. FreestyleAddict

    Freestyle Songs or Not

    There are gonna be some songs that people will debate as being freestyle or not. Coming from a person that live the era, 52 years young I went thru the whole disco, Electric Funk, Electro, era I assure there were some songs that had the characteristics of what we call Freestyle/Latin Hip-Hop...
  9. FreestyleAddict

    Anyone have a copy of this 12" for sale?

    This song is so underrated, Pure Awesomeness!!!