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    Ashley In the Media

    Check out Ashleys article in Cts Plainville Citizen. The article talks about Ashley her dedication to Freestyle Music her New Single Here We Are and her recent contribution and donation to her Nephew s Lukemia Foundation. Congratulations
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    Nu Image recent comments on Bad Boy Joe 5

    Group: WCM Industry Peeps Posts: 68 Joined: Feb. 2004 Posted: May 09 2004, 10:57 pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to say that I heard Freestyles New generation vol, 3,4 and 5 and I said to myself what are we doing to this music. We...
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    I was checking out Ashlys site @ and she know has her own merchandise available for sale . I just ordered a tank.
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    Question for you

    I heard on the freestylefile show last weekend Ashley quit all those games. First Id like to commend her on the song I think it mixes an Oldschool feel with a new sound keeping it intresting . I really enjoy the lyrics I also heard an edit mix and another song of hers mixed in. My...
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    New Music From?

    Any one heard or know when Ashley is coming out with her album ? I read in another site she has a new single out or coming out ? Any info would be great.
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    Request for KTU

    Ashley Quit all those games.... The download from CF was awesome lets hear in the Sunday Night Mix.....:)
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    I have several questions directed to Flipzide recordings and its availabilty of the Cd and there artists. 1. I m an advit freestyle listener and love to buy freestyle cds, Why cant i find your cd Enter da Flipzide in any stores. I Live in your home State of Ct and cant find One.. Its...
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    Ashley Quit all those games

    I thinks you all should give Ashley a listen .. Lots of talent in this artist..... I got the Flipzide cd and this song is hot..... Also these songs are good.. Angel Mena Only You Manny Knight & Shining Armor Quit all those games Ashley written by Fred Nice Ashley Here I...
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    Vocal Image ? Status Broken Up/ Together ?

    Im a Big fan of Your Group from its Inception. Is the Gruop Together Still? Any plans of performing @ the Festival In Springfielld Mass. this year ? Id like to see you pefrom all your songs I remeber a Challenge being issued Via the internet on the radio to all the groups, The Fellaz...
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    UH Ashleys New Material ???

    I ve seen post here and at other sites about her new material which is currently out The Only One , but also she is working on other projects doing singles with different labels. I think shes great .Can Anybody get me the real scoop.. Also where can I find the original version of her song...
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    A request

    Hows about playing some Ashley , particular here new jams, Thanx alot . Keep pumpin the freestyle
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    Thanks Ashley

    Hey peeps, Thought Id share this expierence with you.Ashley is down to earth Cool and an Great singer. She came down to my town and personally gave me a pic and a copy of her new Single. She went out of her way only 1/2 hr to talk to me and asked me about my hobbies and music. She s got a...