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  1. Caleb-B

    The Top 50 Freestyle Songs of 2005!!!! Here by your votes!!!!

    Well Aint this some shit?? LOL Thanx all of you who stay true to Freestyle Music and understand what's Going on in the Industry....I learned of this great news tonight from a freind and i was astonished!! Voice Your true oppinions foaks and get This LP on KTU!!!! whats the hold up ?? The people...
  2. Caleb-B

    Favorite 2 New School Artists

    LeandroLopez and Pure Trend ( and others ) Thanx for tha support =]
  3. Caleb-B

    ~:.Update on a new Freestyle Release (Mari P).:~

    Mari P!! Whats up Girl!! Long Time No see. well the time is finally here huh? Thats Great..I cant wait!! Being Close to Unique Freestyle, Ive already heard The CD and Let me Just say this is One of The Hottest Cd's Ive heard in years. Each Track is Pure Fire!!! For any One Out there reading...
  4. Caleb-B

    VH-1 = Freestyle??

    im positive they would even go as far as having a straight Freestyle show of some sort.."when freestyle ruled the world" LOL ....that is if enough people were to write in and e-mail with Freestyle demands..I know the Ratings with the "I love The 80's" series are sky High...and they have been...
  5. Caleb-B

    sup CF

    you know Im down Tour Boss!! ....still waiting on the latest info with that 916 thang..;]
  6. Caleb-B

    VH-1 = Freestyle??

    Expose " Point Of No Return" Shannon "Let the Music Play" have both had there snippits played on I love the 80's 3D this week. and Lisa Lisa..a new comentator on the 3rd series of I Love The 80's. ( 3D ) I Love The 80's Then it was I love The 80's Strikes Back Now we are in I love The 80's...
  7. Caleb-B

    sup CF

    Its the first day of rain X-Man... Thanx for the Kind words every one =]
  8. Caleb-B

    sup CF

    Its been a while!! hows ER body?? I juz wanna Take the Time out and say thanx for the support to my CF foakz.....Most Of My CD's are mailed out to East Coast addresses....and since Im Not Internationaly Know, that can only mean one Thing...Its the people of CF ....Thanx for all your support! Get...
  9. Caleb-B

    ***Freestyle Artist's That Are Related***

    Chris Phillips & Alexia Phillips ( brother & sister ) Milo of Spanish Fly & Christina Marie ( Neice and Uncle )
  10. Caleb-B

    Freestyle Music Videos

    Yo can Find many Freestyle Videos as well as Trance and Rap On To name a Few Jocelyn Sharyn Macaran Timmy T TKA Angelica Collage Angelina and many more.....
  11. Caleb-B

    Miles Petty: Opening Act for...

    Thaz what Im Talking Boutz!!! I see a Pattern developing...Congratz Miles..This is only the beginning for you ...Many more to come and thats a Fact!! Holla at ya boi !
  12. Caleb-B

    Where Can I get These songs...PLEASE HELP!

    Six2Night ~~ My Love 4 U Lives On Hey Im glad you Feelin The Track!! Its On My album. you can get it on or I am working on Her album and it will be done soon. thank you.
  13. Caleb-B

    Constructive Critism thread for New School

    CAFREESTYLER ...Im sorry I ****ed up this thread..I know it was a positive thread and you had the best intentions. But Honestly If people cant respect me Musicly I can deal with that. But I demand respect as a mutha ****in man.
  14. Caleb-B

    Constructive Critism thread for New School

    Oh so you wanna get personal?? LOL clown my music...thats fine...Like ED said we all have our own taste. But you Clown me....I clown Back....Why you Hiding behind that screen name like a LiL Bitch?? Talkin bout you 23 years old My ass!!!! You aint been 23 since 23 years ago you Fat fuk! I...
  15. Caleb-B

    New Freestyle Sucks

    Right on Skoza...Some One ...Some Day is gonna get it Right...But that wont happen with out peeps steppin up to the Mic.
  16. Caleb-B

    Constructive Critism thread for New School

    Yo Im lovin Thease Reviews!! Thanx You Guys!! Cafreestyler...Im a producer and song writter 1st. I agree Im no George Lamong or Stevie perfectly OK with that and plan on mainly producing new talant....Thank You. NightTryan...Thank you....High Schools are My Primary Targets... Thers No...
  17. Caleb-B

    New Freestyle Sucks

    I really didnt want to post on this thread......but Hear Say has a Point...Dont Speak On the entire New School. Pin Point The Artist thats causing you to post such a negitive thread. If your Not specific on who and whats bothering you...then your making the entire New School look stupid..And all...
  18. Caleb-B

    All These Disasters

    Not sure of how many people here read or have read the bible...But Many people have been waiting for this stuff to happen....Its been in the book of revelations since the bible was 1st written. Thease are the times that we are supposed to wake up and get good with GOD. Many more disasters to...
  19. Caleb-B

    ::::: ::::: Freestyle Fantasia ::::: :::::

    Dee X-man PURE TREND LeandroLopez Denine Thanx for the support.
  20. Caleb-B

    ::::: ::::: Freestyle Fantasia ::::: :::::

    LOL, yeah its pretty crazy how much hate is involved...its almost sickingly frightning...Unfortuanetly..we just dont give a figgity..keep fueling our fire i guess. Yo dee I heard the edits and mix you put togeather for The FF angelinos set man...when we post the footage up..youll hear all them...