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    Constructive Critism thread for New School

    Alright, here is a thread for any constructive criticism to be offered to the new school artists. Post actual constructive criticism, not just any pure hate thread. So of the artists I have heard, here are my comments: Ayna - Decent voice, some ok beats. Nothing spectacular though in terms of...
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    what is with these east coast freestyle artists abandoning freestyle

    I don't care if they want to explore other music as well, but at the least they can put a freestyle mix on it! How hard is that? I mean most songs released that have several mixes on it usually have some lame house or trance mix that is too out there for anyone to like. Why not put in a...
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    Terrible! Jocelyn Enriquez- an album to avoid

    after all the anticipation, i finally got to listen to the new jocelyn enriquez album. to my extreme disappointment i heard one of the worst albums in a long time. first of all there is NO, I REPEAT NO - freestyle. with that out of the way, you get a boring, repetitive album with all the songs...
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    question about turntables

    i have a question for those who dj. i'm thinking about getting some turntables and starting to learn how to mix. i had some people tell me do not get belt drive tables, they suck. but since i am just starting out and have a small budget to work with i would like to save the money getting belt...
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    freestyle artists mistakes in promoting themselves

    since a topic of promoting was brought up, and people arguing over it, whether it's the label or artist's fault or whatever, here is a question/comment i have. i think some artists do hurt themselves by not promoting themselves with enough effort. i won't say to try to get on mtv, because mtv is...
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    has freestyle begun to lose it's appeal/connection with latinos?

    i've seemed to notice that over time, it seems that freestyle, which latinos instantly had a connection with seems to be fading. maybe not in all parts of the country. maybe not in new york or san francisco/san jose. but still to a degree. i don't see latinos reacting like they used to to...
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    Ladies- favorite position during sex

    here's a poll, for those who answer thanks. me and this girl i'm seeing had a disagreement over what position girls prefer. let's keep this thread clean as possible though so it doesn't get to the point where it has to be "locked" or removed. you can simply vote if you want. i have listed 3...
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    about freestyle, radio airplay, and KTU

    i saw this on a radio messageboard, where Jeff Z of KTU in New York posted a message as to why they play what they do. there are some people in there who always post about their underground dance music and whining about wanting to hear more underground dance music and less freestyle, always...
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    suggestion for next freestyle throwdown

    just a suggestion or 2 for the next freestyle throwdown- how about 2 categories, one for west coast and one for east coast sounds? i say this because this board is pretty much dominated by New Yorkers, nothing wrong with that, who love their old school sound. i think the song that absolutely...
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    anyone know what happened to her, what she's doing?
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    KTU email address

    please can someone post an email address for the PD at KTU or someone important at KTU???
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    Intonation-"You made me believe in Magic"

    anyone know when what year this song came out? what a tight jam!
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    something that needs to be cleared up...what is and isn't Freestyle

    OK... lots of posts here regarding TKA and others, but there is something that needs to be cleared up. there are people here talking bout the new sound of freestyle with people talking about TKA's new album being the new sound of freestyle. now let's just forget TKA was ever freestyle for a...
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    Safire/Cynthia success-lesson to those who abandon freestyle

    to all those who think they need to abandon freestyle, check out the success Safire/Cynthia have had. one of the most requested songs on KTU, now on the playlist! also getting spins on Z100! and it's only getting started! let this be a lesson to the artists who have abandoned freestyle or...