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    records 4 sale

    that's alot of records you got for sale there bro.
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    To Peter

    Let's do this, you've been waiting a long time for the records. I have Michelle, Bomb The Bass and Buck and Kenny here for you. What can you give me for Buck and Kenny? We have the rest of the records settled, right? let me know, and we'll pull this through asap.
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    records for trade

    Hello everyone, I have these eight rare records and cd's in excellent condition for trade: *Xcel - Surrender (Nightmare Records) *Noella - Lonely Days (Answersong to Noel - Silent Morning, Magic Man records. Produced by Charlie Rock with Edits by Carlos Berrios) *Xposed - Point Of No Return...
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    help needed.

    can anyone give me tracklistings for Freestylemania 1 and 2. I just wanna see which songs are on them before I buy'em.
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    Self Image's Cd For Trade

    I have Willie Valentin's Full Cd for trade, "Self Image - One True Love Affair" There's something like 13-14 tracks on it, inc four mixxes of the classic song "One True Love Affair". It's brand new, never been listened too. I also have Freestyle Caliente 1 and 2, plus Kenny Freestyle's album...
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    Freestyle Caliente

    I have both the rare volume 1 and volume 2 for trade, I only listened to them 1nce, I also have a sealed KennyFreestyle CD for trade; I'm looking for these CD's: Artie and Friends - Back to Basics Artistik 2K both vol 1 and 2 Freddy Lopez vol. 2 and some other CD's, please mail me at...
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    I have a near mint copy of Tomax - Regrets Only for trade.
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    Ok people I'm desperate

    I will trade my two only :( and beautiful copies of: 1st Impression - Forbidden Lover (picsleeve with shrinkwrap still on) Noella - Lonely Days For two of these: LAW - Missing Your Love LAW - Remember The Times Isaac - In My Heart Freestyle Heaven EP (Syntex, Latin Tech and Vita) The records...
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    Looking for Lorenzo

    Please let me know if you can trade me copies of any of Lorenzo D'lan's songs: Don't turn Our Love Away With All Of My Heart If You Were Mine I'm also looking for Damian - Latin Lover. See my other threads what I have for trade.
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    3 of mine for 2 of yours

    Hello there, I'm offering you a deal were you can pick 3 of these records below if you can give me 2 records from my wantlist at the bottom of this thread: What you can choose from: Donna Williams - Alabyes (First release on Onna Roll records, Red Label) Point Of View - Don't Hold Out On Me...
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    My Trade Away List

    My Trade List : Trilogy - Love Me Forever Or Love Not Lisette Melendez - A Day In My Life Without You (pic sleeve) Giggles - Love Letter (pic sleeve) Voice In Fashion - Only In The Night (Atlantic) George LaMond - Without You (pic sleeve, wol) Corina - Give Me Back My Heart (pic sleeve) Rios...
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    My 12inch Wantlist

    I had a part of my Freestyle collection stolen after a gig, I'm trying to replace them plus some others I'm looking for, check out my other thread for the records I can trade you. My Wantlist: LAW - Remember The Times LAW - Missing Your Love LAW - One More Chance Babie & Keyes - Secrets Of...
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    Need Help From Miamipeople!

    I need to get hold of e-mail adresses and telephone numbers to recordcompanies (preferably Freestyle/Dance Lables), filmcompanies, Radiostations or any Entertainment company at all in the Miami area. Or maybe somebody knows a searchengine where I can find the info. Any help would be highly...
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    Can anyone give me some info on this group, who the members were and if they have any other song besides the Slammin song "Running". By the way, what happened to the recordlabel "Turnstyle"?
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    Can someone hook me up?

    With Twice As Nice - Prove Your Love on mp3? I've tried to find that Strong Island cd, but it's hard:(..
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    TKA Quiz!

    What's the name of the rapsong that TKA sang the backgrounds and chorus to in 1985? Also, what's the name of the group and who was the DJ? (he became a very known member in a rapduo later on). Let me see who knows it:D
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    I have a Rare Vinyl For Trade

    I have The X-Rated Version of Information Society - Running, on a Rare Vinyl EP. Sexual Society - F*cking. If anyone is intrested in a trade please e-mail me with your offer, my adress is below.
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    One song I like

    "It's just the things that you do to me, but you're not around when I need someone, It's just the things that you do to me, I miss your touch now I'lll never be the same" I think the song's name is "The things you do to me" It sounds like Willie V is singing in the background, does anyone know...
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    To Jack G

    I just wanted you to know that I don't have anymore messages to delete in my inbox, still I get an email saying that my inbox is full? I checked and my inbox is totally empty. It says I have 17 messages.